5 Roadblocks To Blower System Peak Performance

by Eric Lunsford
September 19, 2016

Regardless of whether you are building a brand new blower system or are overhauling an existing one. This is the perfect time for you and your team to be sure that you are getting the best possible performance from your blower system.

Let’s dissect these roadblocks and make sure you are getting everything you can out of your system

Roadblock #1: Improper Ventilation. For optimal blower performance the blower room needs to be adequately ventilated. If not, you are risking additional downtime, increased maintenance intervals and reduced performance. Check with us about the ventilation and installation specs for your units.

Roadblock #2: Piping System Design. The aim of the game is to minimize pressure drop. This can be measured in an existing system by measuring the pressure at the blower and then the pressure at the discharge points. And it can be calculated from a blueprint.

As a rule choose the right material for your pipes. Use larger diameter pipes and minimize the number of elbows and T’s in the piping system so that your blowers aren’t working to combat pressure drop.

Roadblock #3: System Integration of the Blower Units. We are living in the ‘Golden Age’ of blower systems. Okay, I exaggerate slightly but blower manufactures have made huge strides in creating fully integrated blower units. No more buying individual components and trying to get them to work together. It’s safer and cheaper just to buy the off the shelf systems. The manufacturer has tested them and if they are installed correctly there is only one place to point the finger if you have a problem.

Roadblock #4: Blower System Integration. While blower manufacturers can only test the power consumption of their units and promote their energy efficiency, a given blower may or may not be energy efficient in your system. So be sure to understand your system’s requirements and how the blowers specified perform in that system.

Make sure you use a master controller to keep running costs down through reduced energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

Roadblock #5: Maintenance Program. Most of our clients get this, but all the same we see enough cases where the recommended maintenance is seen as a recommendation not a prescription to minimize downtime. I won’t go into the ‘ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure’ routine.

What I’ll advise is: Set up a service log for each component. Follow the service recommendations from the manufacturer. It will reduce downtime and it will prevent costly repairs.

I’ve just outlined 5 roadblocks to efficient blower systems.

If you are seeing these roadblocks in your system then it might be a good time to talk. We can help you identify problems with the system as it stands and then make sure that you get the right blower units for the requirements. Call 404-363-6000 or drop us a line at sales@pyebarker.com and we can guide you through the process.


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