ARO Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps are best in "Total Cost of Ownership"

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July 21, 2014
ARO Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Total Cost of Ownership

If you aren't looking at the bigger picture you could be sinking your process before you begin.

When it comes to Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AOD) there are a lot of manufactures to choose from: Graco, Sandpiper, Wilden, Yamada and ARO to name a few.

All of these brands claim to be the best, and while they each have their advantages, when it comes to overall performance, the ARO air operated diaphragm pumps are the leader of the pack.

You see the purchase price of an AOD pump is the smallest piece of the cost-of-ownership pie. There are Downtime costs, Energy costs, Parts costs and Labor costs to consider as well. All of these costs add up over the life of the pump, making this a pretty sizable financial commitment.

That is why you should choose ARO for your AOD pump needs. ARO has the least overall total cost of ownership in the industry. With ARO AOD pumps you can slice the total cost-of-ownership down to a much more digestible size.

So what makes ARO pumps better?

1)      Reliability

a)      Quick Dump Checks that eliminate downtime from pumps freezing up

b)      Simulshift Valve / Unbalanced Air Valve that eliminates stalling out of the pump

c)       Convoluted Diaphragms that get up to 4-times the life of traditional diaphragms

d)      Engineered Thermoplastic Construction that extends pump life

e)      Engineered Bolted Construction that creates a zero leakage, safer and cleaner environment

2)      Efficiency

a)      Positive Seal, Ceramic “D” Valve that creates zero energy wasted during pump idle

b)      Quick Dump Checks and Simulshift Valves that create lower energy cost

3)      Serviceability

a)      Longer Lasting Wear Parts i.e. Convoluted diaphragms, easy access major air valve, simplified service kits that significantly reduce labor and parts cost.

b)      Longer Lasting Wear Parts that help reduce the amount of spare parts needed on hand

All of the above examples help produce a pump that will significantly reduce the total-cost-of–ownership over the life of the pump.

Are all of these savings for real?

ARO (EXP) Vs. Most “Advanced” Competitor

Test Subjects: 2” (Ports) Polypropylene Constructed Pumps with Teflon Diaphragms

Pump Operation: 8 Hours a Day/5 Days a Week/250 Days a Year = 2,000 Hours

Pump Delivery: 100 GPM @ 25 PSI (Back Pressure)

Energy Cost: $0.06 Per KW Hour

ARO (EXP) Air CFM Advantage: 37 @ 100 GPM

EXP Annual Cost Savings Per Pump: $618.93

Before you make your next AOD purchase, give Pye-Barker a call.

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