ARO Diaphragm Pump

An air-operated diaphragm pump that provides accurate, electronically controlled dosing.

Many of my customers in north Georgia who produce coatings, printing inks and light weight chemicals and typically use air operated diaphragm pumps are always asking me what we can offer for metering, dosing or being able to remote operate their dispensing operations.

Most of these customers also use positive displacement gear pumps and after learning the initial purchase prices of a variable speed positive displacement with their limited capital budgets are looking for options.

IR ARO recently launched their new Electronic Interface EXP air operated diaphragm pumps that have solenoid control rather than an air valve assembly.

The electronic interface pumps can also be supplied with optional cycle counter to track end of stroke feedback and pump data. The PE electronic interface pumps allow maximum flow rates with minimum air consumption (on average 3%+ less). The PE pumps also have lube free design with fewer parts than the standard pump with the exclusion of the air valve assembly with inclusion of solenoid valve control.

Many of my customers have several AOD pumps in operation for their dispensing requirements that historically needs intensive manpower to operate equipment, and now ARO offers a multi-pump controller that communicates with the new ARO electronic interface pumps which eliminates intensive operating with remote operation and also provides safer control.

Let us schedule a survey of your existing pumps and how they are operated, pending metering or dosing requirements, and discuss how these new improved ARO pump controls can help.