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Make sure you have the Right Viking Pump for your Job

Some things can be made to work; but just because it works doesn't mean it's the best approach. I had a customer in Columbus who was metering vegetable oil to spray on baked goods on a conveyor belt. The excess oil would drain to a pan and was then screened before recirculating to the pump. […]

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CFM for Air Compressors and Positive Displacement Blowers

What is a CFM? CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It is the rate of flow of air or gas and is the basic unit of measure of performance for air and gas compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps. It indicates how much air a compressor or blower can move at a given discharge pressure. […]

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Considerations for -100 Degrees F Dew Point Air

Maybe you need really, really dry air. Maybe that air is even dryer than -40⁰ F dew point achieved with a typical regenerative desiccant dryer. Maybe you need a -100⁰ F dew point. It’s a rare requirement, but there are applications for it. You would do well to consider Fick’s law before proceeding. I’ll admit […]

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The Benefits of using Gardner Denver Certified Technicians for all your compressor repairs

I have run across occasions where the use of our certified Gardner-Denver technicians has saved the customer a lot of money and time. A case in point was at a customer with five 500 Horsepower Gardner-Denver compressors. We received a call and were asked to look at a leaking main seal on one of the […]

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Things to consider before putting your Gardner Denver air compressor or any compressor outdoors

Many customers because of a lack of plant floor space or due to safety (noise / heat related) requirements install their compressed air stations outdoors. If this is you? It is highly recommended you use some type of weather protection to keep blowing rain, snow, ice or dust from entering your air compressor intake. NEMA […]

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Not all Pipes are made the same, try Gardner Denvers new Quick-Lock Tubing for your compressor lines

[et_pb_section bb_built="1"][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text] You’ve set up your dream shop for woodworking or mechanical work. Or you’re expanding into an automated production of a start-up manufacturing business. Among that shiny group of equipment is a new air compressor. You’ve laid out plans to distribute your air system around the walls with drop legs for different work […]

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Machines Break: Eluding the Inevitable Downtime Production Loss

At least a few times a week, I run into a common thread among customers. They are in a rush to find a replacement pump because they are currently down and losing $$ every second their production line sits being, well, unproductive. I, of course, research all options available and present a myriad of solutions […]

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Basic Pumping Principles 102 - Give Your Gear Pump Some Room

Last spring I was visiting with one of our customers in Middle Georgia. They were having two problems with an application involving a Viking L4724 Positive Displacement Internal Gear pump. Basically the pump was being used to recirculate their material in a large storage tank. However, they also used it to introduce some additional material […]

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Signs of Positive Displacement Blower Failures

Rotary positive displacement blowers (Gardner Denver, Sutorbilt, DuroFlow, etc.) are fairly simple mechanical devices.  They consist of two rotors (2 or 3 lobes each) connected by timing gears, rotating inside a cylinder or housing.  Their spinning moves air from inlet to outlet, pumping against the system backpressure.  Stationary blowers are normally driven by an electric […]

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How to Drive your Positive Displacement Blower

Blowers are dumb beasts. They do not know nor care what is driving them.  They just rotate and move air. There are a number of methods of driving a rotary positive displacement blower. The simplest and preferred method is a simple flexible coupling, driving the blower at the same speed as the motor.  Woods Dura-Flex […]

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