Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps

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November 1, 2019

Benefits of Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps in GA

Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA have traits that are comparable to reciprocating or rotary pumps. And because of the motion of the rotor, they are also referred to as eccentric screw pumps.

Of all the different kinds of pumps available, progressive cavity pumps can deal with a broader range of fluid properties and viscosities than any other style of pump. Their unique design makes them beneficial for several pumping applications - such as transferring and metering - while dealing with shear sensitive, sticky and harsh fluids.

One reason that progressive cavity pumps are so widely used is because they are durable, have only one moving part, and are rated highly for longevity. In operation, Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA are mainly fixed flow rate pumps that deliver reliable service and long life in the transportation of thick, sticky fluids.

Slurries can also be pumped dependably if the slurry is thick enough to uphold a lubrication layer around the particles. At the places where the rotor touches the stator, the surfaces are typically traveling diagonally, so these areas need to be oiled by the fluid that is being pumped.

Top 7 Advantages Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps in GA

Ease of Installation: These pumps can be bought separately or as part of a complete unit, which can be mounted on welded steel bases. If variable speed drives are required, the units can be driven by either gasoline engines, diesel engines, air motors, or electric motors. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and the port can be rotated for the liquid to enter properly.

Consistent Discharge: The flow fluids are consistently and uniformly discharged in a steady flow. The displacement stays the same through each turn of the rotor, which provides precise and predictable metering in relation to the fluid that is being pumped. Because of the unique flow features, these pumps are suitable for low-shear applications.

Internal Velocity of Fluids: When the pump is working, all liquids are pumped with a minimal amount of agitation, pulsation, separation disturbance, or turbulence.

Positive Displacement: This occurs when the rotor turns, which creates a pumping action that is like a piston moving through a cylinder. The approximate viscosity and pressure and capacity of the pump can be estimated for particular operating conditions.

Solids in Suspension: Hard particles that extend over a wide range of shapes and sizes – some as large as 1-1/8” in diameter – can be pumped without issue.

Reversible: Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA can be operated clockwise or counterclockwise with efficient functioning in most installations.

Self-Priming: The pumping action begins when the rotor is turned and is capable of 28 ft. of suction lift based on water in an appropriate installation. The liquid acts to lubricate the stator and rotor to form a continuous seal to provide effective discharge and suction capabilities.

Pye-Barker is a full-line distributor for Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA. If you would like expert help in choosing the right pumps for your application, we’re happy to help!

Please call our office today to speak with one of our experts. Keep in mind that we specialize in a variety of advisory and installation services, all designed to help you get the most out of your equipment.

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