CycloBlower: Gardner Denver Blowers for Dry Materials in GA

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August 28, 2018

Gardner Denver, cycloblower, Pye Barker Engineered Solutions, Georgia, Florida

The CycloBlower Gardner Denver blowers for dry materials in GA offer superior performance and dependability for dry bulk material handling. The exclusive smooth-running helical screw rotor design provides cooler and more efficient compression for extended blower life. Load after load, year after year, the Gardner Denver CycloBlower is the leader in dry bulk loading and offloading.

Features Of The Gardner Denver Blowers For Dry Materials In GA

• Double end drive-shafts allow for either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.
• Discharge end angular contact bearings provide axial and radial rotor positioning.
• Air shaft seals - labyrinth design with Corrguard shaft seals ensures controlled minimal leakage of air.
• The cylinder is constructed from a one-piece, high-strength cast iron casting.
• One-piece ductile iron rotors are dynamically balanced to assure smooth operation. The main rotor is a helical two lobe design while the gate rotor is a four-flute design.
• Lubrication - proven results with grease-lubricated inlet end bearings. The discharge end bearings and gears are lubricated by a self-contained oil splash system.
• Capable of handling pressure off-loading and vacuum on-loading application.

Benefits of Gardner Denver blowers for Dry Materials in GA

• The Gardner Denver blowers ideal for all dry bulk product types including cement, pulverants and powders, granules, pebble and feeds.
• On average, the CycloBlower (with the mounting kit) is 120 lbs. lighter than a straight lobe blower, meaning more product can be delivered daily.
• The Gardner Denver blowers have lower HP and engine speeds compared to other straight lobe blowers, which means you use less fuel every single time you use the blower.
• On average, the CycloBlower is 3-4 dba quieter than other straight lobe models.
• No contacting parts to wear out for low maintenance costs.

Accessories for Gardner Denver blowers for Dry Materials in GA

Gardner Denver has a range of accessories to compliment the T5 CycloBlower. They are available as discrete items or packaged together with new blowers. All genuine parts are factory engineered to the exact specifications of our machines, this means you get maximum performance from our blowers and compressors. Some of them include:

• Stainless Steel Inlet Filter;
• Truck Blower Overhaul Kits;
• Relief Valves;
• Genuine GD Lubricants;
• Complete installation kits including mounting brackets, silencer kits, and filter kits;
• Silencers - stainless steel or carbon steel available.

We are proud to offer Gardner Denver blowers for dry materials in GA. If you would like more information - or want to know if they’re the best choice for your operation - call us today so we can discuss your needs and options.

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