Drum pump

Bringing the pump to your drum instead of the other way around

When it comes to drum pumps, Finish Thompson has a wide variety of pumps for any need. But one challenge is there is not a lot of mobility when it comes to drum pumps. In order to operate you will need to have an air or electricity source at your drum. Sometimes that can create headaches, having to pull air hoses or extension cords across the floor creating tripping hazards.

Well FTI has come up with a solution; a cordless 12v drum pump.

The FTI EF series drum pump has the option of a 12v motor. No longer will you have to deal with the hassle of getting hoses or cords over to your drum, now you can just grab the cordless motor, attach it to the tube and start pumping.

Once you’re done, simply place the motor back on the provided charger and it will be ready when you need it next. Gone are the days of having to figure out a way to get your product close to a power source. Now you can take the pumping source to the product.

There are some limitations to the type products that the motor can be used on. For example you cannot pump flammable liquids and it has a maximum viscosity of 100cp.

This unit has a 12-volt Li-ion battery and two speed motor 8,000/12,000 rpm. It also has an IP24 splash-proof enclosure. EF series tubes are available in either 316SS and alloy 625. Tubes are available in 16, 27, 40, & 48 inch lengths.

If you’re tired of the hassle give us a call today.