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Gardner Denver Duroflow

Gardner Denver Duroflow in Georgia

Gardner Denver Duroflow /div> Gardner Denver offers top-quality blowers, as well as other industrial equipment that facilities use throughout cities across the globe. Their products utilize highly-advanced technology and deliver durable, long-lasting performance. At Pye Barker Engineered Solutions, we are proud to represent Gardner Denver and can offer Gardner Denver blowers like the Gardner Denver Duroflow to customers throughout Georgia.

Gardner Denver Duroflow

One of Gardner Denver’s most popular and successful blowers, the Duroflow models from Gardner Denver offer numerous benefits and features, including:

  • Proven Reliability & Performance
  • Solid Bi-Lobe Rotor Profile to Prevent Build-Up
  • Reinforced, Single-Piece Cast Iron Cylinder
  • Flex-Mount, Vertical or Horizontal Mounting Design

The Duroflow is available in 30, 45, and 70-series models, and each offers dual splash lubrication at both gear and drive ends for longer product life. Additionally, Duroflow blowers feature oversized bearings for added support and durability, and the improved seal design maximizes seal life and leak protection.

More Equipment Choices

At Pye Barker Engineered Solutions, you can also find a wide range of other Gardner Denver blowers for sale, as well as an assortment of top-quality blowers and vacuums from other manufacturers. Whatever your need, we can help.

In addition to blowers and vacuums, we are also pleased to offer our customers a broad selection of pumps, compressors, and other equipment to outfit their facilities throughout Georgia. We are the Georgia Viking Pump supplier, and because we only work with the world’s top manufacturers, you can rely on any products you get from us.

Pye Barker Engineered Solutions can also provide engineering services, ship parts, and complete repairs and maintenance on any of your existing equipment. We are the industrial equipment and engineering experts, and our staff is uniquely equipped to help you create more efficient processes at your facilities statewide.

If you are located in Georgia and looking for a Gardner Denver Duroflow blower or are looking for any other Gardner Denver blowers for sale near you, contact our experts today for more information or to request quotes.

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