Get Greater Flow Control with the Finish Thompson PFP40 in GA

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April 18, 2019

The Finish Thompson PFP40 in GA is aseal-less, high-performance drum pump with a unique double suction impeller that provides high flow and high head.

Featuring multiple material options and connections, the PF Series is designed for container-to-container transfer of acids, corrosives, and chemicals. Features include:
• Polypropylene, PVDF, or 316 stainless steel tubes;
• Interchangeable with motors;
• Greater flow control with variable orifice discharge (PFM/PFP/PFV only);
• Up to 2000 cP with M58P/M59P motors;
• FDA-compliant option, built-in hose and cord clips (PFM/PFP/PFV only).

EF - Economy Pumps:The Finish Thompson EF Series best value seal-less. The EF Series pumps provide an economical choice for light-duty transfer. An ideal replacement for hand pumps. Features include:
• Polypropylene, pure polypropylene/PVDF, or 316 stainless steel tubes;
• Dual-speed adjustable motors tubes;
• Interchangeable with motors;
• Lightweight and economical;
• Plastic models have built-in hose cord and clips.

TT - Mid-Performance Pumps:The Finish Thompson TT Series Sealed, Medium Viscosity/Flow TT Series pumps offer light-to-medium viscosity fluid handling. Drum pumps in this series are ideal for liquids containing small particulate or solvents. Features include:
• 316 stainless steel or CPVC tube materials;
• Tubes interchangeable with motors Up to 2000 cP with M6X air motor;
• FDA-compliant STTS option.

HVDP - High Viscosity Drum Pumps:The Finish Thompson HVDP Series High Viscosity/High Head Sealed Design. This progressive cavity, positivedisplacement-style pump can handle viscous fluids up to 100,000 centipoise. The heavy-duty HVDP offers multiple mechanical seal choices and materials options for ultimate compatibility. Choose from the HR model (up to 20,000 cP) or the LR model (up to 100,000 cP).

BT - High Viscosity Pumps: The Finish Thompson BT Series sealed, high viscosity.This stainless-steel model with sealed design is made with PTFE screw-type lifting compressors to handle liquids with higher viscosities.

TM - Drum Mixer Pumps:The Finish Thompson TM Series medium-viscosity drum/barrel mixer is a 4-blade, turbine drum mixer ideal for mild corrosives, solvents, or flammables of light to medium viscosity.

TB - Mid-Performance Pumps: The Finish Thompson TB Series Sealed, Lightweight Economy Drum Pump Lightweight pumps suitable for low to medium viscosity mild corrosives, solvents, and chemicals.

The Finish Thompson PFP40 in GA is approved for the following applications:
• Acids
• Bases
• Solvents
• Watertreatment chemicals
• Cleaners
• Plating solutions
• Kidney dialysis solutions
• DEF/AdBlue (diesel exhaust fluid)

Finish Thompson Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of industrial pumps. Their products are manufactured onsite in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Their products include:
• DB Series magnetically-driven centrifugal pumps;
• SP Series magnetically-driven self-priming pumps;
• UC Series magnetically-driven, heavy-duty ANSI pumps;
• High and medium performance drum pumps, such as the Finish Thompson PFP40 in GA;
• High-viscosity drum pumps (HVDP).

If you are looking to purchase a Finish Thompson PFP40 in GA,Pye Barker is your number one source. We have been selling Finish Thompson pumps with an excellent track record for years. Buy your next Finish Thompson Pump from Pye Barker and experience the difference. Contact us today to get started!

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