how to buy an air compressor

Be sure you have all the components of a well designed compressed air system

I don’t know why this is, but we see a lot of customers underestimate their requirements when they are purchasing an air compressor. They often neglect the volume of air needed and neglect the quality – how dry the air needs to be or how good a filter is required so that rust, debris, slag and water don’t end up in your tools and ruin them.

All of these are opportunities for our competitors to cut the price of their proposal for a new compressor and leave the client with higher ongoing costs…

Sure it looks really cheap on paper… But for the sake of a decent quality filtration system maybe you have to do an extra repair on each of your air tools every 12 months, maybe you knock 25% off of their potential life.

When a client tells us they are looking to replace their air compressor we always like to conduct a thorough needs analysis

Often we try to do an air audit and when we get the chance to do a need analysis or air audit for these clients we find their current air compressor is performing fine and if they would just patch a few leaks in their delivery system they wouldn’t have a problem… but you know, many other vendors out there wouldn’t have told them that.

In the cases where a new compressor is necessary I will say that it is worth spending a little bit more up front to get the system right for your specifications and then reap the rewards of lower maintenance costs, improved up time, and realizing the savings or additional revenues you were looking for.

In your business – you just expect your air compressor to work. And there is nothing more frustrating for your team than endless hours waiting around for the service guy to show up so that your team can start a day’s work, four hours late.

Talk to your team on the floor, trust me it drives them up the wall.

Looking to upgrade or replace your air compressor or just need a second opinion on which air compressor is best suited to your purposes? Give the team at Pye-Barker a call at 404-363-6000 or email us at and we’ll conduct a no cost no obligation needs analysis for you so that you can get the right unit to suit your requirements.