Calibrate Compressed Air Pressure Transducer

Calibrate your equipment on a regular basis.

A lot of control boards, pressure transducers and separators get changed out because the pressure readings are not correct. It is important that the pressure transducers are checked and zeroed on regular basis. Pressure transducers that are out of calibration can cause a unit to turn on the change separator advisory light or shut your compressor down on separator.

In a compressor room of a plant that has two or more compressors running together to keep plant pressure up, transducers that are not calibrated correctly can cause a compressor to run hot and to pull high amps.

As an example we have a customer in Savannah that has five 500HP Gardner-Denver screw compressors and they need all 5 compressors to keep the plant at 100PSI. They were struggling with one unit showing errors and running hot.

As it turns out, 4 of the compressors were cutting back on pressure because they had reached 100psi. However the problem compressor ended up having a pressure transducer that was out of calibration and was only showing 95PSI on the control board. With the other 4 compressors cutting back this caused the compressor that was out of calibration to have to work harder in order to get to 100PSI which caused amps and temperature to go up.

So it is important to check and make sure your transducers are calibrated correctly in your maintenance and PM schedule instead of replacing parts that may not need replacing.