Just recently the team here at Pye-Barker got their first look at the Wright Flow Technologies’ Revolution Pumps. So I sat down with the team to get everyone’s opinions of the pump.

The Revolution Pump is Wright Flow’s latest offering in the hygienic pump category. It is EHEDG Certified, is 3A listed, FDA and USDA compliant. It can produce flows ranging from 2.6 to 836 GPM.

It is suitable for use in the chemical industry for pumping raw ingredients, chemical transfer and solvent recovery. It’s also well designed for use in the personal care products category – skin care, toothpastes, cosmetics, soaps and hair care products. In bio pharmaceuticals it can be used to pump creams, ointments, ferments, injectables, ultra-filtration’s, and blood and plasma processing.

In the food and beverage industry it is great for Distillers and Wine Makers, fruit and vegetable purees, carbonated drinks and juices. These pumps work well for pumping baby food, edible oils, soft fruits and vegetables, soups, sauces, egg, fish meat and poultry applications. Along with whey proteins and even confectionery. For the dairy industry it can pump butter, cheese, cream, milk yogurt and yogurt fruits.

To me the key points of difference are in the design of the pump. They fall into three categories.

  1. Clean-ability The Revolution pump series is designed to be cleaned in place (CIP) and sterilized in place. Front loading seal design makes for easy access to the pump while attached to the process line.The pump head is designed to be self-draining and uses innovative cusps and cusp reliefs. The seal design prevents both dead zones and a dynamic leak path.
  2. Ease Of Maintenance Front access shimming allows you to set the rotor clearance and reduce maintenance time. The front loading seal is easy to change while the pump is in-line. Compared to many other hygienic pumps on the market this new design can save you countless hours of downtime and money.Wright Flow has also made preventative maintenance parts kits available for this pump series.
  3. Performance The whole pump is designed for long-life durability, from heavy shaft bearings and helical gears, all the way through to the pump case.Wright Flow’s design team have improved the volumetric efficiency in low & high viscosity applications and have achieved up to 15% better flow performance than some market leading Clean-In-Place models.

If you are looking at adding hygienic pumps to your facility or need to replace some of your existing hygienic pumps then give the team at Pye-Barker a call on 404-363-6000 or drop us a line sales@pyebarker.com we can help guide you through your options – we carry a wide variety of hygienic pumps.