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O Pro™ Barrier Seals

O Pro™ Barrier Seals Shipping Throughout Georgia

Are you tired of your mechanical seals breaking? Have you spent more time replacing seals and shaft packing than actually running your processing operation? If so, O Pro™ Barrier seals might be the ideal product for you. This O ring pump seal was developed by Viking Pumps to eliminate leakage, and its durable construction means that you can rely on it to perform as intended day after day.

Benefits to O Pro™ Barrier Seals

O Pro Barrier Seals

Officially named the Viking O-Pro™ Barrier, this O ring pump seal is in a class of its own. It is manufactured to last up to one year before replacement, and it offers top-performance, true leak prevention, and more. Its longer service life reduces lifetime costs, and it’s easy to upgrade and install. Better still, it offers smooth operation without solids building up. These seals are also built to withstand higher pressure environments and are known to hold up to extreme temperature fluctuations. 

If you are working with chocolate, processing other thick food substances, or are interested in seeing if a  Viking O-Pro™ Barrier would work in your operation, we can help. Our experts and engineers can help determine if an O-Pro seal can stand up to the demands of your facility, and if so, we can provide pricing and quickly ship and deliver products right to your door. 

Ask us about the Viking leak-free seal, the Viking O-Pro™ Barrier, today!

Complete Engineered Solutions from Pye-Barker

Our team has unmatched industry knowledge and experience, and we provide the complete service offering our customers need. From pump equipment, compressors, and blowers to parts, repairs, complete engineered systems, and more, we can find the engineered solutions to meet your unique needs.

If you would like more information about O Pro™ Barrier seals or have any other processing equipment needs, contact the industry experts at Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions today. We are the Georgia Viking Pump distributor, and we can help you find the products and parts you need to do the job right. 

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