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Optimizing Compressed Air System: A Guide for Cost-Effective Industrial Operations

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by Erin Hipolito
June 20, 2024

The Key to Profitability: Compressed Air System Design for Industrial Efficiency

In the competitive world of industrial operations, the pursuit of profit often revolves around two core strategies: reducing production costs and increasing product sales. As the president or CFO of your company undoubtedly emphasizes cost-cutting, one significant area for improvement lies within the heart of many production plants—the Compressed Air System.

Unveiling Cost-Cutting Opportunities: The Power of Efficient Compressed Air System Design

Compressed Air System design isn't just about the quantity of air; it's about how effectively you utilize it. A simple yet powerful strategy is to address leaks within your system, potentially allowing for a 20% reduction in compressed air demands.

Optimizing Pressure Distribution: A Strategic Approach

When individual pieces of machinery suffer from inadequate air pressure, the common response is to increase the overall system pressure. Unfortunately, this practice often leads to excessive air delivery to other machinery. To counteract this, consider dividing your compressed air system into zones and employing regulators. For more complex systems, external compressed air auditors like Pye-Barker can provide invaluable guidance.

Investing in Stability: The Role of Storage in Compressed Air Systems

Maintaining a constant speed in compressed air systems is key to minimizing power consumption and wear and tear on compressors. Increasing storage capacity through dedicated, secondary, or high-pressure storage can contribute to stability, reducing power bills and the risk of breakdowns.

Optimizing Machinery: A Focus on Efficiency

Recognizing the significant power requirements of compressed air systems, exploring energy-efficient alternatives for machinery is crucial. Consider switching to fans and blowers for low-pressure applications, replacing air motors with electric motors, and employing vacuum pumps instead of air-operated venturi nozzles. Upgrading to high-efficiency nozzles, air knives, and air amplifiers can further enhance performance.

The Value of Compressed Air Auditing

While the cost of a unit of compressed air remains relatively static, the efficiency with which you use it determines its true value. Compressed air auditing becomes indispensable for businesses operating complex systems, especially when contemplating the addition of more compressors to meet increased demand.

A Recommendation for Progress: AirInsite Compressed Air Audit

For those looking to invest in more air compressors or aiming to cut costs, initiating the journey with an AirInsite compressed air audit is a strategic move. Contact Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions at 404-531-1954 or email to explore opportunities for improvement and align your costs with industry best practices.

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