Product Review: Gardner Denver IQ Blower Packages

by Eric Lunsford
April 4, 2016
Gardner Denver IQ Package

Gardner Denver IQ Package with the panels removed

We’ve got clients in multiple industries using Gardner Denver IQ Blowers for applications including pneumatic conveying, vacuum and aeration in wastewater treatment. However, I know there are clients and customers who should be using them but aren’t.

I thought it was time to do a review of the IQ Blower range and talk about why they are, in my humble opinion, the best blower units on the market.

The design team at Gardner Denver has worked very hard with the IQ Blower range to achieve 3 primary goals:

Minimized Downtime: For many of our clients their blowers are mission critical – and downtime costs more than the costs of the parts and labor to repair their blower. It can result in missed production quotas, missed shipping deadlines, damage to reputation, and possibly even long standing client relationships.

The Gardner Denver IQ Blowers have several ‘low cost’ but high value features built in to them to minimize downtime and to give the buyer the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Features like the cooling fan – that runs for 10 minutes after shutdown – cooling down the unit sufficiently, or the automatic tensioner on the belt drive, to get maximum life out of each belt.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs: The physical unit itself has been designed to make routine maintenance, repairs and even overhauls as easy as possible. The pop-up top on the unit gives direct access to filters, oil refill caps and conduit boxes.

The side panels can opened with a quarter turn latch key, where the oil drain taps, filters and sensors are immediately available.

If you need to remove the blower package for any reason it can be removed in one piece by forklift so that major works can be done in the open – as quickly as possible.

Control System Integration: The Air Smart Controller will sync up maintenance history, advisory history, temperature shutdowns and it can interface with a SCADA system – allowing you to monitor your IQ blowers from your control room.

Coupled with the fact that the unit is actually ‘plug and play’ – no special foundations – just put the unit on a level surface and connect power and plumb in the pipes, program the Air Smart Controller and you are pretty much away to the races.

If you need a new blower or are looking to replace an existing blower, Gardner Denver has a great blower sizing tool – if you need a rough estimate of what you need. Otherwise the team here at Pye-Barker can help you with an in-depth analysis of your existing system or new system and we can help you select the right blower for you. Just get in touch by phone at 404-363-6000 or drop us a line at

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