Product Review: Viking Motor Speed Pumps

by Eric Lunsford
March 7, 2016
Viking Motor Speed Pump

Viking has motor speed pumps in new sizes - up to 580gpm

I’ve just gotten my hands on some of the new Viking Motor Speed Pumps. And frankly I’m fairly impressed. For Pye-Barker’s clients these look like they are the perfect product for applications where you are pumping low viscosity liquids at high speed and capacity.

What these pumps are ideally suited to would include: -

  • Transfer applications such as rail car or truck unloading, and tank transfer
  • Lubricating liquids where you would typically use a centrifugal pump
  • Conditioning applications such as re-circulation, filtration, cooling, and blending
  • Rotating Equipment Lube Systems

What we really like here about the Viking Motor Speed Pump Line is:

They are designed to do what they do well and do it reliably.

These cast iron workhorses are designed for peak efficiency running at motor speed so you can use a smaller pump running at higher speed and still get a long life out the pump.

The engineering team at Viking have made significant improvements on the existing pump design so that the new range offers higher speed and flow from a smaller footprint – so that you can reclaim space that would otherwise be occupied.

Everything in the pumps design is to maximize the flow rates and minimize the wear and tear on the pump so that it lasts, with a minimum of maintenance or downtime.

Reduced Downtime Risks.

Viking has also standardized the parts across the range. This makes ordering spare and replacement parts easier so that you can have the parts you need on hand or have parts shipped direct to your dock with a minimum of fuss. And with fewer options, factory delivery becomes a non-issue.

(There is the added bonus of Viking parts costing less than in some other pump manufacturers more convoluted product lines).

These pumps are FAST.

Because there is no need to use a reducer (except at the higher flow rates), everything about the engineering of these pumps is aimed at making them pump faster, economically.

The smallest pump in the range (G-GG) can move 10GPM all the way up to 580 GPM with the largest pump (Q-QS) (at 2500SSU).

For this reason we here at Pye-Barker feel they are priced very competitively compared to other pump options for the same application. And as we all need to be getting more and more return on our investment to remain competitive – this is certainly one opportunity to explore.

To discover more about your options with the Viking Motor Speed Pump, you can get each pump in the range’s specifications by requesting a copy of Viking’s product brochure.

To get your questions answered quickly with a minimum of fuss, speak to one our Pumping Solutions Specialists right now – just call 404-363-6000 or email us at

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