Different types of positive displacement pumps are designed for different applications. In this post, we’ll discuss the Wright Flow rotary lobe pump in GA, how it functions, and whether or not it fits your application.

1. Rotary Lobe Pump Overview

Rotary lobe pumps can be found in a wide variety of industries, from sanitary markets like food and beverage to less than sanitary markets like wastewater treatment. Their popularity stems from a number of attractive characteristics such as high efficiency, reliability, solids handling ability, and clean-in-place and sanitary qualities.

Wright Flow rotary lobe pumps in GA are similar to the external gear pump. They operate in the same fashion, except that the rotary lobe uses “lobes” instead of gears to move fluid through the pump. Different types of lobes are offered depending upon the application. These types include single, bi-wing, tri-lobe, and multi-lobe.

2. How Rotary Lobe Pumps Work

Two “lobes”, which are driven by external timing gears, rotate independently to generate flow. Similarly to the external gear pump, the lobes rotate against each other to generate flow. Fluid flows into the pump, and the lobes hold the liquid in as they rotate against the casing before the fluid is forced out the discharge port.

3. Where They’re Effective

Wright Flow rotary lobe pumps in GA are very popular in food applications because of their ability to carefully handle low shear fluids and solids, without damaging the product. Because the lobes do not touch, large particles are handled more easily than with other types of positive displacement pumps. Which makes it suitable for abrasive applications too.

4. Where They’re Not So Effective

Low viscosity fluids are difficult for rotary lobe pumps. Lobe clearances are not tight enough to efficiently handle these types of fluids.

5. Their Best Applications

This is a short list of some of the best applications for rotary lobe pumps:

• Soaps;
• Paints and dyes;
• Wide variety of food applications;
• Polymers;
• Paper coating.

The Wright Flow rotary lobe pump in GA is ideal for many applications across a wide spectrum of industries. Think it might be right for yours? Make sure you get the right pump for the job by talking to an experienced professional.

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