One of our customers is a global thermoplastic elastomer manufacturer. They relocated several pumps that they used in their previous plant in Duluth to their new location in Buford, Georgia. Due to the poor piping network in their new facility, there was excessive suction pressure to the pumps. The result was excessive cavitation, noise, and much more limited flow. This customer had existing competitive internal gear pumps that were to deliver 25 GPM of Parulux oil, which could not be delivered with existing pumps. After recommended suction piping changes, we supplied three Viking SG1026 external gear pumps direct driven by a 900 rpm motor and customer is getting more than 25 GPM flow and no cavitation issues.

When we took a look, it was clear to us what needed to be done. We made recommendations for them to change their piping in order to reduce suction pressure to the pump. We also recommended they start using a different style of pump. We were even able to use some of their existing material on their existing pumps and modify it.

Our customer increased their suction pipe size to 2 inch and reduced their maximum suction lift to 25 feet, and changed pumps to recommended Viking SG1026 2-inch pumps with same size motors for existing power, and these pumps exceeded required flow of 25 GPM discharge.

After all of our recommendations and a different pump, now everything works great.