Does your compressor room look something like this?

Does your compressor room look something like this?

Long life is no accident. It is a result of healthy life practices and good care. The same rule applies to life of an air compressor. Good care and maintenance have a direct bearing on the length of trouble free service an air compressor can provide a customer.

Recommended maintenance intervals for an air compressor are calculations of the useful life of the oil, separator element, air filter and oil filter. These calculations are based on the air compressor running in an environment where a clean, cool and dry supply of air is available.

When the air compressor is running in an environment that is dusty or hot, or there are other considerations such as chemical vapors that shorten the life of oil, separator elements, air filters and oil filters; then the maintenance hours should be adjusted so that maintenance is performed according to the actual operating conditions. Then the life of an air compressor can be lengthened.

Air compressors that have the Gardner-Denver ES+ or AirSmart controllers have the recommended maintenance intervals set for normal conditions.

For air compressors running where dust, hot air and chemical vapors are present or other conditions exist, the maintenance hours in these controllers should be adjusted accordingly. By shortening maintenance hours we can lengthen the dependable life of your air compressor and decrease down time.