Historically our clients have been very diligent about installing monitoring solutions for their mission critical pumps. Due to the cost of installing the system and the cost of ongoing maintenance of the system, condition monitoring solutions for all pumps on site has been typically unrealistic.

Manual monitoring of the remaining pumps or a policy of ‘run until breakdown’ is normal which in light of today’s technology can prove to be MORE expensive and unnecessary.

Older monitoring systems meant wiring the sensors into the control center; it was expensive, time consuming and created a lot of infrastructure to maintain.

It meant a limited roll out of electronic condition monitoring to pumps with either a high risk of maintenance issues or a high impact when a maintenance issue does occur. For example – pumps that have repeat failures, pumps without spares or pumps where failure could cause an environmental incident.

With the advances of wireless technology the same monitoring systems can be installed without the time or expense of maintaining a complicated infrastructure. It has now become affordable to install a higher quality monitoring system across more of your pumping process system.

These three monitoring applications can help a plant implement predictive maintenance systems which can reduce maintenance costs, unexpected failures, repair and overhaul time – and at the same time increase uptime by up to 30% and increase MTBF.

Affordable Monitoring Application #1: Cavitation

While many cases of cavitation occur when a pump is operated outside of their design specifications, there are still times when a pump operating within its specifications can still experience cavitation.

A simple discharge pressure monitoring system (consisting of vibration monitoring and discharge pressure) can give your central monitoring system an alert when a pump is likely ‘pre-cavitation.’ Depending on the frequency of manual rounds this might mean the prevention of damage and downtime compared to discovering cavitation in progress.

For high-head multi-stage pumps – the risk of damage with even brief periods of cavitation means that pressure differential across the pump should be continuously monitored.

Affordable Monitoring Application #2: Vibration

Vibration monitoring systems can give you indicators on running condition as well as faults and failures. Vibration transmitters can give you a series of vibration frequencies which can in turn be used to diagnose the cause of the vibrations in a given pump.

Affordable Monitoring Application #3: Pump Seal Monitoring

For pumps that have auxiliary seal flush system, API 682 recommends moving from switches to continuous level management.

With recent advances in technology, rather than having to wire the monitoring system into the network it can be installed wirelessly and then connected to the central monitoring system.

I’ll admit it may take some retrofitting of technology to get the seal flush reservoirs installed so they can be remotely monitored. But continuous monitoring will give far more lead time to address maintenance issues compared to intermittent manual maintenance inspections of pump seals.

If it is time to increase the reliability of your pumping systems then the team here at Pye-Barker can help you select and install pump monitoring systems for your plant. Drop us a line at sales@pyebarker.com or call 404-363-6000 for help with all your pumping system needs.

ARO FDA Compliant Diaphragm Pump

Yields 20-30% better flow rates & ensures that your material is transferred unharmed

ARO is launching a series of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps. The new SD line of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps is designed to pump and transfer materials for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries safely and efficiently.

ARO’s new SD line of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps yields 20 to 30 percent better flow rates than current market competitors’ and ensures that material is transferred unharmed. Designed to pump and transfer materials for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries safely and efficiently, these pumps can be disassembled quickly for easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

“We look forward to collaborating with new customers and industries on how the SD line can solve their fluid management challenges,” Wesley said.

A number of advanced features make the SD pump ideal as a feed pump in a filling process, as part of a “clean in place” practice or in a high-volume dispensing application. These include electropolish stainless steel and FDA-compliant materials to pump material while maintaining the integrity of the product, and a proprietary design that prevents leakage and material waste and offers a service life four times better than traditional diaphragm pumps (under normal operating conditions).

The SD pumps build on decades of ARO expertise to provide plant managers and maintenance engineers the best cost-of-ownership rates in the industry.

Call Pye-Barker today for help with your FDA applications!

Viking Hygienic Gear Pump

The New Viking Hygienic Positive Displacement Pump

Viking Pump is excited to announce that their new Hygienic Series Gear Pump are now available!

Viking’s Hygienic Series positive displacement pumps are designed to conform to international standards for hygienic processing of foods, beverages, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and personal care products where the pump will be subject to frequent cleaning.

These pumps are designed for Clean In Place (CIP) or Clean Out of Place (COP)/Strip Clean Methods.

Now you can get the Superior Reliability & Ease of Maintenance of an Internal Gear Pump, with the Exceptional Clean-ability of a Hygienic Pump.

The pump is available in 8 sizes with 3 different porting options and has capacities up to 320 GPM, handles pressures up to 150 PSI, can move viscosity's from 28-1,000,000 SSU, and can operate in temperatures from -5 Deg F to + 225 Deg F.

The Hygienic pumps are also interchangeable with your existing Viking Heavy Duty pumps.

Check out the video at Viking Hygienic Pump

Call us now and let us get you a quote on these new pumps - 404-363-6000.


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