Do you have or need air dryers products in GA for compressed air for your facility? If so, you may be confused about the different types of products that are available to you.Here is some basic information regarding commercial, industrial and construction air dryers products in GA, and how they work, to help you determine what your own needs are.

What Are Compressed Air Dryers Products in GA?

Compressed air dryers remove water vapor from compressed air. They are needed with air compressors because they concentrate various elements of the air, giving it a higher dewpoint and creating condensation that could negatively affect your facility, causing freezing, corrosion and other problems.

How Do Compressed Air Dryers Work?

Different types of compressed air dryers products in GA work in different ways. There are refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers, membrane air dryers and deliquescent air dryers. Which type you use will depend on what your specific application needs are.

What Type of Applications Are Appropriate for Compressed Air Dryers?

You can find compressed air dryers in use for many applications across multiple industries, including:

What Are the Different Types of Compressed Air Dryers Products in GA?

Refrigerated Dryers: Refrigerated dryers are commonly used air compressor dryers that work with twin heat exchangers in order to cool down the hot air as it comes in and prevent it from condensing again. They provide a level of dryness that satisfies most compressed air uses.

Desiccant Dryers: Desiccant dryers are typically used when working with extremely sensitive products that cannot tolerate any moisture. They use active desiccant material to remove water from the compressed air through adsorption as the air cycles through the machine.

Specialty Gas and Liquid Dryers: Some facilities generate gasses and liquids that are not common to typical manufacturing processes. For these situations, there are specialty gas dryers and specialty liquid dryers which the manufacturer designs specifically to safely remove these elements from the air.

Breathing Air Purifiers: High-quality air is of vital importance to industrial facilities, but nowhere is it as critical as in breathing air applications. The purity of breathing air is crucial to assure worker safety in a wide range of applications including tank cleaning, sand blasting, paint spray and many others.

Membrane Dryers: These are dehumidifying dryers that work by depressing the dew point of incoming air. They are popular since they can operate continuously without electricity and are quiet and low-maintenance. They are ideal for applications where the dew point requirement falls somewhere below +32°F and -40°F/C.

Deliquescent Dryers: These air dryers products in GA are very simple dryers that are popular among businesses that are seeking an electricity-free, low-maintenance solution to compressed air-drying issues. They are often used as natural gas or landfill gas dryers.

For more detailed information regarding air dryers products in GA and to get professional advice on choosing the right type to suit your needs, please call our office today to speak with one of our experts. Keep in mind that we specialize in a variety of advisory and installation services, all designed to help you get the most out of your equipment.


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