Compressor Lubrication

Oil Free versus Lubricated Compressors

If you are not using the correct oil in your air compressor you can significantly damage your compressor parts leading to costly repairs and down time. To reduce the risk of a compressor malfunction, keep the oil reservoir and compressor components clean by sampling and changing the oil on a regular basis. Be sure you always use the proper weight and grade oil specified by the manufacturer.


                                     Service Hours vs Temperature

Often I get the question “How long will my compressor oil last?” This really depends on several factors including application, cleanliness of air, and type of oil used.


Discharge Temp      Aeon 4000        Aeon 6000FG       Aeon 9000SP         Aeon 9000TH

Up to 180F                 4000 Hours       4000 Hours           8000 Hours           8000 Hours

180F to 190F             3000 Hours       3000 Hours           6000 Hours           8000 Hours

190F to 200F             2000 Hours       2000 Hours           4000 Hours           8000 Hours

200F to 210F             1000 Hours       1000 Hours           2000 Hours           6000 Hours


                     Frequently Asked Questions about Mixing Oils


Can I top off the existing compressor oil with another oil?

Mixing two different oils is not recommended. When you mix two different oils you actually create a third oil. This resulting third oil may vary significantly depending on the mixing ratio, 50/50, 90/10, 10/90, etc. Additionally, these different oils have never been tested for extended periods of time so the expected oil life is not predictable.


Will I invalidate the compressor warranty by using aftermarket oils?

It is recommended that you use only the compressor manufacturer’s oil thru the warranty period. Oil manufactures can tell when their oil has been blended with something else. Contaminating one oil with another is typically grounds to invalidate a warranty.


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