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I know that we’ve been hearing a lot about oil free air compressors of late. Some of you might be wondering about the hype. I believe they are worth the hype and they can represent incredible value to the right customer.

I suspect that as we move forward and the technology becomes more widespread, the costs will come down and we will see the broader market turn to oil free air.

So I’m going to share the ideal situation to consider an oil free air compressor.

Where I Would Look Long And Hard At Oil Free Air Compressors.

Gardner Denver Oil Free Air Compressors do deliver 100% oil free air. No conventional air compressor can offer that. Once oil is in your compressed air it’s impossible to get it 100% out. No scientist would make that claim and no company would guarantee that their filtration system can clean air from conventional air compressor so that you get 100% oil free air all the time.

It’s just a recipe for legal troubles.

You can make those claims with an oil free air compressor.

ISO-Class 0 air is air that is 100% completely oil free. The best you can get with a conventional compressor is .1 mg/m3 under ideal conditions. I’ll admit it can be good enough but it requires a filtration system.

You don’t need to invest in or maintain an oil removal/filtration system if you use an oil free compressor. There’s a savings and depending on the quality of air you need it can be a big one over the life of a compressor.

Then there is always the risk of a contamination ‘event’ and downstream damage. This can be either from oil in the compressed air contaminating your end product – e.g. pharmaceuticals or food and beverage applications or the oil could damage your equipment that runs on compressed air e.g. pumps and tools.

Where you are looking to replace your air compressors anyway and would like to eliminate the costs or the ‘risk of expense’ associated with maintenance and repairs or product damage, that’s where there could be a big payoff. Cleaning up a disaster could well cost you far more than the oil free compressor would have cost.

If you are looking for a new compressor, the team here at Pye-Barker can guide you through the process. Please call 404-363-6000 or drop us a line and we will explore a range of options based on your circumstances with you.

If you are looking to replace or install an Oil Free Air Compressor, there are several critical factors that need to be assessed when you are evaluating each model.

Is It Actually Oil Free?

For those in the know about oil free air compressors – you probably know that not all ‘oil free’ air compressors are 100% oil free. Many traditional makes of oil free air compressors are not actually oil free. They often contain some lubricating oil somewhere… Where there is oil – it can end up in your compressed air…

So to be certain to avoid the risk of oil contaminated air:-

You need to be sure your Oil Free Compressor is actually completely oil free.

How’s The Performance?

Partly because of perception there is a belief with some segments of the market that oil free compressors represent a downgrade in performance compared to their traditionally designed counterparts.

Be sure that the oil free air compressor you are looking for will actually meet the performance demands of your air system.

There are now plenty oil-free air compressors on the market that have fantastic performance.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Power consumption of your air compressor is going to be the most expensive part about owning one. The single biggest saving you can make is finding the most efficient Air Compressor that suits your needs.

Always get a compressor that is properly sized for your needs with a variable speed drive. The energy savings from having it tick along at about 70% of load can represent a 25% reduction in your energy bill over a fixed speed compressor.

Ease of Maintenance

Many buyers neglect the true cost of downtime when a machine goes down. If your air system is mission critical, then every moment your compressors are down for maintenance or repair is very expensive.

So be sure that routine maintenance can be carried out efficiently – air compressor units are not all designed equally. What can be a quick job in one can take an hour or longer in another.

If you are looking for an air compressor that is 100% oil free compliant with ISO Class: 0 and is silicone free as well, consider a Gardner Denver EnviroAire Compressor. It offers industry leading performance and has been used successfully in diverse industries such as Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Chemical, Textile and Utilities.

The EnviroAire Compressor also has been designed to make servicing as fast and simple as possible.

To get a more information on the Gardner Denver EnviroAire series call 404-363-6000 or email and we can discuss your needs and provide you with the information you need.


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