It’s a common problem across a number of industries using Double Diaphragm Pumps to experience vibration on both the intake side and the discharge side of a pump.

These vibrations often result in damage to piping systems and the pumps themselves. Sadly in many industries vibrations and inconsistent flow are often tolerated because of an unwillingness to look for an easily found solution or because of ‘false economics.’

When clients of Pye-Barker look at the price for installing pressure dampeners to prevent vibration in a pumping system or create a desired even output, and then make any sort of comment about price – I often remind them it is really cheap.

Compared to replacing the pump or having to replace your piping system. And really cheap compared to a way to undo mounting fatigue.

Here are four common industries that can drastically reduce waste and maintenance costs as well as, increase productivity by using pulsation dampening in their pumping systems:

Chemical Companies: When pumping products such as surfactants or even volatile chemicals, these substances can aerate leading to foaming or excess vaporization (waste). This can create problems for both storage (requiring longer settling time) and for filling the final containers efficiently (causing overspray, wasted material and rejected product).

Installing the right pulsation dampening system can in many cases eliminate the problem of aeration.

Paper Production: Unloading pumps can experience vibrations and pulsation so strong that it can cause pipe stress, mounting fatigue and even rip the pump from its foundations. Which will obviously lead to unacceptably long downtimes and create a health and safety risk.

Simply installing the correct pulsation dampener on the discharge side of the pumps will reduce mounting fatigue and pipe damage.

Steel Processing: Using plunger pumps in the descaling process can result in erratic flow of the raw material which causes de-scaling to be erratic. For the best results in de-scaling, steel processors need a steady flow of raw material through the de-scaling processor.

Installing the right pulsation dampener on the discharge side of the pump as well as an inlet stabiliser will reduce the vibrations to allow uniform descaling of their raw materials. It also means the entire pumping system no longer violently vibrates. Saving on maintenance and repairs.

Waste Water Processing: When using reciprocating pumps to move waste water – many water treatment operations experience pulsation in on the discharge sides of their pumps. This can cause pipe joints to break and crack discharge pipes.

Pipe damage like this can lead to leaks and easily preventable downtime, which can be prevented with a pulsation dampener solution.

Regardless of what industry you are in and what you are pumping, if your pumping systems are experiencing vibration or water hammer which is damaging pipes, causing downtime or disrupting your operational efficiency; Pye-Barker can supply and install the pump dampening solution for your problems.

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