Gardner Denver Blower

Mother nature can reek havoc on your blower

With spring and summer comes an increase in a white car’s nightmare, pollen. Everyone experiences difficulty breathing while sneezing seems to become a more similar occurrence. This issue can also be the reason the blower in your shop has become louder with use.

In a typical inlet filter for a blower the element might be the issue if you are experiencing problems with your blower. Pollen will clog the element and decrease air flow or it could damage the element. When the blower sucks in air, along with pollen, it applies pressure to the element which can fail and lead to improper filtration.

Blowers have very tight end clearances which can become obstructed by material passing through an old filter element. When this happens knocking will occur and the friction causes excess noise. Noise isn’t the only thing that is experienced as pressure drops can occur along with vibrations increasing. If there is clearance issues they can be spotted by heat marks produced by the increased friction.

It is also good to practice to change the oil as no filtration system is perfect and hotter weather means hotter blowers. As the blower heats up it will also heat the oil and eventually oil loses its ability to absorb heat as the heat capacity changes with constant use and deterioration. Once this happens rotors will heat up to a point where the clearances are lost and blowers fail.