Compressed air contains oil, moisture and other impurities that must be removed to avoid damage to tools, instruments, and pneumatic valves as well as waste in finishing and manufacturing processes. Zeks large-capacity dryers in GA eliminate these contaminants in large-volume compressed air applications while using only the electricity needed to meet the real air treatment demand.

Today we’re information regarding the many benefits of these dryers.

True-Cycling: True-Cycling is the way the MultiPlex large-capacity dryers operate. They have taken the customer’s requirements for rugged reliability, low operating cost, and tight dew point control, and have designed the world’s most advanced cycling refrigerated air dryers by which all dryers are measured.

Process machinery cycling, changing production requirements, and common manufacturing practices, all result in variable compressed air volume usage. This – combined with inlet air and lower ambient temperatures – results in a reduced load on the dryer.

Reliable Operation: A shared thermal mass and multiple refrigeration systems produce stored cold energy that cools compressed air as it passes through a Zeks large-capacity dryer. Cooling causes contaminants and moisture to shrink so they can be removed from the air stream via high-efficiency separators. They are then automatically discharged through pneumatically-operated demand drains that waste no compressed air. This air is heated as it leaves the dryer to remove pipe sweating.

Energy Savings Up To 80%: True-Cycling operation enables Zeks large-capacity dryers in GA to provide substantial energy savings when compared to non-cycling dryers. Unlike non-cycling dryers, the air treatment cost is not lost through the continuous operation of the dryer refrigeration system. Variations in compressed air usage resulting from variable process and shaft demands, as well as seasonal and daily fluctuations in ambient temperature, provides tremendous energy-saving opportunities. In many applications installation of a MultiPlex, a dryer can save as much as 80% of the operating cost of a non-cycling dryer

Redundancy Eliminates The Need For Multiple Air Dryers: Multiple air treatment units with cycling refrigeration systems make up each Zeks large-capacity dryer in GA. They are combined to make a single dryer with air treatment capacities from 3,200 –19,200 scfm and share a single inlet header and a single outlet header, each with dual connection capability.

Consistent Pressure Dew Point: The Sentinel circulation system, which is exclusive to ZEKS, enables the dryers to uphold a steady pressure dew point throughout the full range of airflow. Their thermal storage module is shared by the integrated air treatment modules, making it possible for MultiPlex dryers to continue to provide clean, dry air even if a module is inaccessible for maintenance, or in the unlikely event of component failure.

Expandability: The header centerline position is common among all MultiPlexmodels 4000 scfm and larger. This feature, together with the modular design, allows you to add additional modules to expand your air treatment capacity as operations expand. The Zeks large-capacity dryers in GA are engineered to address the ever-changing manufacturing environment.

If you would like to know if Zeks large-capacity dryers in GA are right for your application, contact us today to speak with one of our specialists.