Controller for ARO EXP Pump Systems

Get control of your pumping process.

ARO is launching a new controller with remote operating capabilities. The new ARO Controller delivers on the promise of touch-and-walk-away automation with remote operating capabilities that increase the reliability, productivity and safety of fluid management.

“At ARO we take pride in solving our customers’ most complex fluid handling challenges with straightforward, yet smart solutions that keep their businesses moving,” said Nelson Wesley, global product leader for diaphragm pumps.

This new controller creates a fully automated multi-pump system

The new ARO Controller works seamlessly with ARO EXP Electronic Interface pumps to create a fully automated multi-pump system for batching, container and tank filling and chemical injection systems in a wide variety of applications. The controller can also be integrated with many existing ARO EXP pumps when an electronic interface package is added.

“The remote operating capabilities of the new ARO Controller help manufacturers increase reliability, productivity and safety,” Wesley said.

The multi-pump controller can be programmed with remote triggers customized to the application. The controller responds to those triggers and performs auto-shutdowns when necessary and sends data and service alerts to the operator. The operator is then positioned to make intelligent fluid management decisions to keep business moving.

“ARO is proud to now offer a complete system solution that helps manufacturers and operators manage fluid easily and intelligently, with less operator oversight required,” Wesley added. “Less time standing at the controller means more time on the floor making sure things are running smoothly.”

The new controller improves upon the already precise ARO EXP pump by ensuring the pump is fully primed, resulting in +/- 1 percent repeatability. It features an easy-to-use interface pre-programmed with eight languages and can:
• detect leaks
• operate two pumps simultaneously
• sense and respond to liquid levels
• accurately control proportions
• control flow-rates

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