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Viking O Pro™ Barrier

Viking O Pro™ Barrier in Georgia

Stop leakage with the Viking O Pro™ Barrier. Specially designed by Viking Pumps for those in the chocolate industry, the O Pro™ Barrier seals pumps effectively to reduce leakage, lost product, and workplace accidents. And, your experts at Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions can quickly ship or deliver Viking O-Pro™ barriers to your facility.

Why Choose a Viking O Pro™ Barrier

Viking O Pro Barrier

Before the O-Pro, most companies relied on shaft packing and mechanical seals to decrease leakage. Unfortunately, neither of these solutions is long-term or 100% effective, which means additional repairs and replacements – and more money spent. Shaft packing breaks down over time, requiring system downtime for replacement. Mechanical seals, while helpful, aren’t fail-safe. They frequently malfunction, which can wreak havoc on your equipment.

O Pro™ Barrier seals, by contrast, reduce costs due to their longer service life. They are easy to install and offer smooth operation without buildup of solids. They also have numerous other benefits, including:

  • They can withstand high-pressure environments.
  • They can hold up to extreme, fluctuating temperatures.
  • They only require replacement once per year. 

Save your company time and money by upgrading to Viking O-Pro™ seals today. Your Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions team can provide you with parts or complete the retrofit or upgrade for you. 

Call us today to get started! 

Need Other Parts, Equipment, or Services?

Our team can handle it all. We offer compressors, pumps, vacuums, and blowers, as well as parts, repairs, and more. Whether you want to retrofit an O-Pro ring onto your existing pump equipment, need to request maintenance services on your entire system, or would like us to engineer a pump operation built with your exact needs in mind, we are the team to trust. 

We gladly provide services to those throughout Georgia, so if you’d like to order a Viking O Pro™ Barrier or have any other processing equipment needs, contact us now!

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