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Viking O Pro™ Seal

Viking O Pro™ Seal for Those Throughout Georgia

A Viking O Pro™ seal can make all the difference in your pump productivity, especially when you are processing thick and abrasive fluids. Why? A Viking O Pro™ Barrier is less likely to fail when compared to mechanical seals and can decrease or eliminate leakage depending on its application. 

 The Viking O Pro™ Seal at Work

Viking O Pro Seal

Processors across numerous industries can utilize an O-Pro™ Barrier as a means of managing leakage. As shown in this Viking Pumps case study, confectioners and chocolatiers are now using them in their operations. 

Chocolate is an extremely thick liquid, and, as such, it requires a durable, leak-free pump to process it efficiently. Not only is a leak-free pump the most efficient, but it is also safer and helps companies save money since usable product isn’t leaked, increasing the likelihood of a slip and fall accident. 

While most companies will utilize a gear pump, which is known for its great leakage prevention, even the models with leak-reducing shaft packing have their limits. Packing breaks down, and leaks still occur. Worse, accidents still happen. That’s why the O-Pro seal was developed. 

Viking Pump developed the Viking O Pro™ Barrier specifically for the chocolate industry to solve many of the issues they faced. It is retrofittable into other existing pumps, and experts agree this product will be used in many more processing applications in the future, including peanut butter processing, syrup processing, and much more.   

We Can Ship the O-Pro Seal Right to Your Door

At Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions, you can find all of the pump products, parts, and equipment you need for your operations, including the O-Pro Barrier seals from Viking. From gear pumps and pump seals to equipment repairs and installations, we are the ideal equipment and service partner for your processing facility. 

For more information about the Viking O Pro™ seal or to place an order, contact us today. We gladly serve those throughout Georgia and can quickly ship or deliver products right to your door. 

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