Viking Parts Kits

Be sure you are using the right parts for your important repair jobs.

That is the motto of Viking. Make one repair, do it right, and get it back into production. When it comes to meeting your production quotas, there is no time for pumps going down and constantly having to make repairs. With Viking repair kits, you can have everything you need to get the pump back up and running with minimal down time and you can be assured that you have the correct parts.

With Vikings “Tag and Release” program, you can have an authorized dealer come into your plant and do an inventory of all your Viking pumps. Once completed they can then provide a tag for each pump that gives the serial number, model number, and each kit part number. This way if there is an issue with one of your Viking pumps, you have all the info needed in order to choose the correct repair kit.

Viking pumps are built to the highest standards to make rebuilding an easy and cost effective option to replacing the pump. By purchasing and rebuilding your Viking pump, you can save an average of 35% of new pump price.

Viking kits also reduce the number of SKU’s your parts room needs to keep on hand. Everything in one place right when you need it so that you can get that pump repaired and back into production with minimal down time.

Give us a call today and ask about the “Tag and Release” program.