What Are The Various Reciprocating Compressor Parts In GA?

by Eric Lunsford
July 18, 2019

When it comes to chemical, petrochemical, gas and other industrial processes, reciprocating compressors play a chief role. These compressors are the most widely used and well-known compressors that involve positive displacement based on a specific set of reciprocating compressor parts in GA.

So, what are these reciprocating compressor parts and what do they do?

What Is A Reciprocating Compressor?
These are positive-displacement mechanisms that work on a reciprocating principle to be able to deliver gas at high pressures. The motion is supported within the device with the use of pistons. Reciprocating compressors can usually be separated into two types: Separable (high speed) and Integral (low speed). Within the natural gas industry, large reciprocating engines are utilized to generate low-pressure plants, move natural gas through the pipeline, and supply high-pressure gas for a good drilling.

Types Of Reciprocating Compressor Parts In GA

Reciprocating compressors are made up of numerous parts; below, we examine some of these parts.

Cylinders: The cylinders found in process industries are detachable from the frame, so they accommodate both suction and discharge valve plates. Small, higher-pressure cylinders are usually made from steel, while larger, low-pressure cylinders are created from cast iron.

Pistons: Often referred to as the heart of the reciprocating compressor, the pistons are made from low-weight materials such as aluminum to decrease rod load and shaking. They are responsible for the conversion of energy to the gas in the chamber from the crankcase.

Piston Rod: The piston rod is threaded through the piston and is responsible for transferring the reciprocating crosshead into the piston. They are usually manufactured from alloy steel.

Distance Piece: This detachable housing connects the frame and the cylinder. I can include multiple compartments and it can be open or closed, single, double, or extra-long. The purpose of these reciprocating compressor parts in GA is to separate the rod that enters the crankcase and gets lubrication from the cylinder that is in contact with the gas.

Rod Packing: Much like the piston rod, rod packing is important to prevent gas leakage as it passes through the crank closure and cylinder. Packing rings are located at the head of the rod packing assembly.

Crankshaft: Reciprocating compressors above 150 kW (200 hp) typically include crankshafts constructed from steel. Each crankshaft should have a changeable balance weight, but when over 800 rpm the crankshaft should be balanced dynamically

Bearings: The main rod and connecting bearings should be split-sleeved and steel-backed. Anti-friction bearings can only be used in components that are rated lower than 150 kW.

Connecting Rod: Similarly to crankshafts, connecting rods are used in compressors that are above 150 kW (200 hp). Also made from forged steel, it also has a drilled hole to allow the oil to pass.

Cross Head: This component is used to guide pistons into the cylinder bore, so it allows a longer strength and greater capacity with a heightened control of oil carryover.

Valves: Possibly one of the most essential reciprocating compressor parts in GA are the spring-located, gas-actuated, valves. In general, one of these three valve configurations is used: Plate Type, Poppet Type, or Ring Type.
Lubrication System: Both heavy-duty and medium compressors need force-type lubrication. The main components are the:

• pressure regulating valve;
• lube oil tank;
• main oil pump;
• dual oil filter;
• lube oil cooler;
• associated accessories.

Reciprocating compressors transport natural gas from the suction manifold and into the natural gas cylinder, which is also referred to as the compression cylinder.
An internal combustion engine powers this entire process.

When the compressor’s operating life increases, the rings packing systems will wear out, resulting in higher leaks. Therefore, high-quality components and expert installation are key to ensuring balance in this essential system.

If you would like more information regarding reciprocating compressor parts in GA, contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

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