Wright Flow Revolution Pumps Raise the Bar on Performance and Ease of Maintenance

by Eric Lunsford
June 26, 2019

Wright Flow Technologies provides resolutions for challenges in fluid handling around the world. Pairing the correct pump with your fluid processing requirements is easy with innovative, robust designs, an extensive product offering, and cleanability. Today you can raise the bar on ease of maintenance and performance with Wright Flow Revolution pumps.

With front-loading seals, they are the most progressive circumferential piston pump in the industry. In addition, it is the only pump available that uses patented hybrid technology, accepting RLP or CPP technologies.

The deep grooves through which the rotors travel offer large spaces to minimize bruising and shear of solids. The fluid is moved around the channel by the rotor wings and is relocated as the rotor wings re-mesh, creating pressure at the discharge port.

The pump output is proportional to speed, and the flow direction is reversible. Suction Wright Flow Technologies rotor pistons revolve around the circumference of the channel in the pump casing to continuously generate a partial vacuum at the suction port as the rotors un-mesh, causing fluid to go in the pump.

Applications for Wright Flow Revolution Pumps

• Chemical: Raw ingredients, chemical transfer, solvent recovery
• Personal care: Skincare products, toothpaste, cosmetics, shower and shaving liquids, hair care products
• Beverages: Distillers, fruit and vegetable purees, carbonated drinks, juices
• Food: Baby food, edible oils, soft fruits and vegetables, soups and sauces, egg, fish, meat, poultry, whey protein, confectionary
• Dairy: Butter cheese, cream, milk, yogurt, yogurt fruits
• Bio-Pharmaceutical: Ointments and creams, ferment, injectables, ultra-filtration, plasma and blood processing

Features and Benefits of Wright Flow Revolution Pumps

• Clean-in-place capability is standard for all Wright Flow Revolution pumps
• Self-draining pump head from innovative cusps and cusp reliefs
• Innovative seal design with no dead zones and dynamic leak path
• No dead zones on the front cover

Ease of Maintenance:
• Can perform quick, front-loading seal changes while the pump is still in-line
• Simple front access for setting rotors clearance
• Convenient preventive maintenance parts kits available

• Improved volumetric efficiency in low & high viscosity applications
• Up to 15% better flow performance than competitors’ CIP configuration
• Exclusive alloy rotors that allow running at tighter clearances are standard
• Long-life sturdiness from heavy-duty bearings, helical gears, and shafts

Seal Changes:
• Change seals more efficiently with just three steps to access the seals while the pump is still in line
• For maximum utility, Wright Flow Revolution pumps come out of the box with interchangeable O-ring and mechanical seals.

• Single mechanical
• Double mechanical w/ flush
• Single O-ring running on a replaceable sleeve
• Double O-ring w/ flush running on a replaceable sleeve
• Complete range of material options

Gear Box:
• Powder coated cast iron is standard
• Stainless steel is optional

Pye-Barker specializes in creating engineered solutions to help industrial companies in GA with their compressed air, pumping and blower/vacuum systems.

We help our clients create engineered solutions specific to their needs. We then deliver - and are certified to maintain and repair - all the equipment we supply to our clients. We also offer parts, repairs and engineering services.

If you would like more information regarding Wright Flow Revolution pumps – or would like to determine if it’s the best option for your application – contact us today to get started.

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