Designed for easy strip-cleaning, the Wright Pump TRA10 in GA is the perfect choice for COP processing environments. Because the pump casing is independently fastened to the gearbox to prevent damage to the seals when the cover is removed and to allow the rotors to be turned while spraying down the fluid chamber.

How the Wright Pump TRA10 in GA Works

Suction: Wright Flow Technologies’ rotor wings alternate around the perimeter of the channel in the pump casing. This constantly generates a fractional vacuum at the suction port as the rotors un-mesh, causing fluid to enter the pump.

Discharge: The fluid is moved around the channel by the rotor wings and is displaced as the rotor wings re-mesh, generating pressure at the discharge port. The pump output is directly proportional to direction and speed of flow is reversible.

Pump Characteristics: Wright Pump TRA10 in GA is a positive-displacement, low-slip, stainless steel pump designed with larger diameter shafts for greater stiffness and strength, mounted on a heavy-duty cast iron bearing frame (stainless steel option also available) with double-tapered roller bearings.

Applications for the Wright Pump TRA10 in GA

  • Chemical: Raw Ingredients, chemical transfer, solvent recovery;
  • Personal care: Skincare products, toothpaste, cosmetics, shower and shaving liquids, hair care products;
  • Beverages: Distillers and vintners, fruit and vegetable purees, carbonated drinks, juices;
  • Food: Baby food, edible oils, soft fruits and vegetables, soups and sauces, egg, fish, meat, poultry, whey proteins, confectionary;
  • Dairy: Butter, cheese, cream, milk, yogurt, yogurt fruits;
  • Pharmaceutical: Medicinal chemicals, creams, and ointments, syrups, injectables, ultra-filtration, blood and plasma processing.

Cleanability: Easy disassembly for easy COP (Clean Out of Place). Designed to 3A standards.

Ease of Maintenance: Drop-in-place with TRA20 and comparable manufacturer models. Has interchangeable service parts with comparable manufacturer models. Easy disassembly.

Performance: Efficient handling for high and low viscosity applications. Exclusive, non-galling WFT 808 alloy rotors are standard. Permits running at tighter clearances, high-strength 17-4 PH. Single piece shaft standard on 0300 and larger helical gears, improving load-carrying capabilities.

General Pumping Principal: The pumping action is generated by the counter-clockwise rotation of two pumping elements within a chamber. The rotors are located on shafts, which in turn are mounted within an external gearbox and supported by the bearings. The timing gears are also located on the shafts. The timing gears transfer the energy from the driveshaft to the driven shaft, synchronizing the rotors so that they rotate without contact with each other.

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