Replacement Blower Parts

Are your parts readily available or will you have to wait to get them from overseas?

We received a request from Langboard to quote replacing their Aerzen packages with a Gardner-Denver blower. They have requested this because of the high cost of replacing the airend on these packages. These packages are made in Germany and therefore the dollar/Euro exchange rate is a factor in this. The Aerzen packages Model No. VML 25 R are oil less compressors with an output of 950 CFM at 20 PSI and driven by a 100 HP motor. The units are used to aerate the water used in a water scrubber used on the boiler emissions from the stack.

We recommended a Gardner-Denver CycloBlower model 7CDL11R. This package will run at approximately 2900 RPM and driven by a 125 HP motor. The output will be 900 CFM at 19 PSI. The package will utilize a jackshaft drive arrangement. The cost of the complete package to the customer will be close to the cost of the JUST the airend for the Aerzen equipment.