Serving Industry in Georgia Since 1936

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Serving Industry in Georgia Since 1936


Serving Industry in Georgia Since 1936

Finally An Engineering Solutions Provider Who GUARANTEES THEIR WORK! Our team has a combined 150 years of engineering experience. Why not put us to work for you?

Pye-Barker Engineered

If you need a pump, blower, vacuum, air compressor, or a complete system; we will specify a solution based on your needs and requirements. If you purchase it from us AND you follow the specifications AND our solution doesn’t perform as requested… We will get our solution performing as required even if it means installing a whole new system.

“This is my personal Guarantee to You!”

…Eric Lunsford President

“Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions will get your pump processes and compressed air systems performing as needed!”

We understand that if your processes aren’t performing as they are specified you are not making money. Goods aren’t being finished as fast as you need, if at all. Deadlines are missed, quotas unfulfilled and your contracts might even be on the line.

Your business’s success might just be riding on getting the specified flow rate or throughput from an individual system functioning correctly. Which makes your process engineering the most important aspect of your business.

With the baby boomers retiring can you really afford to place this vital work in the hands of a fresh-faced college graduate who has never overseen a major industrial plant?

We understand that a mistake, when you are specifying a new solution, might cost you weeks or even months of productivity. Between the lead times on products, installation and more, a small mistake here could set you back months or even longer.

The good news is that you don’t have to put your business on the line ever again!

As long as you can provide us with accurate information to specify your solution you don’t have to take any other risks ever again.

Case Study #1

Just recently we were called out to troubleshoot a pump at a bio-fuels company. The problem was, they were not getting the same flow out of their pump as their sister plant in California. We were assured repeatedly that this plant was ‘just like their other plant’. After looking over their system we quickly established the problem. The other plant pumped through 4” pipes and the new plant was built with 3” pipes.

Everything else, including the 4” pump was the same. Basically they were starving their pump and complaining about the low flow rate. The choice was simple: Re-pipe the entire system or put in a properly sized pump and be happy with the accurate if not reduced flow rate. We re-specified and then installed new pumps for maximum performance of the system they had. It would have been easier if the engineers/contractors who built the plant here in Georgia had brought us in BEFORE construction was started so we could have caught this error early on. I am sure someone somewhere thought they were saving money by using the smaller diameter cast iron pipe. But when you don’t get the performance you need, are you really saving anything?

We carry over $1 Million dollars of parts inventory to keep you up and running.

We carry a wide range of inventory but I’ll confess that we can’t carry EVERY part for EVERY pump, air compressor, and blower we offer. And neither can any other distributor.

If we don’t have a part in stock, here’s what we’ll do for you. We will get in touch with the manufacturer immediately and advise you on their lead time and follow up to make sure deadlines are met.

If you need it faster, we will search through our entire network of partners and do everything we can to find you the part you need and let you know how quickly you can have it.

Regardless of your choice, we will keep you updated about the progress until your part is delivered.

We are a family owned company that was established in 1936.
Unlike Other Engineering Solutions Providers We Have Our Roots In Supply And Service.

Pye-Barker started its Hydro-Air Engineering division in the mid-50s. It was a ‘soft launch’ you could say – the company organically grew in that direction. Before that our primary business was conveyor belts. John Pye invented a machine that could slit bulk rolls of conveyor belt to a custom length and width for each client. Like any entrepreneurial company we grew with the times and evolved to meet the needs of our customers.

When W.H. “Hub” Lindsey took over as president of Pye-Barker he saw the growing demand at Atlanta manufacturing companies for pump and compressor supplies, service, and repairs.

We’ve gradually grown into the role of being your company’s engineering solutions provider on the back of helping our clients understand and select the right systems for their processes and by troubleshooting performance issues in their systems (regardless of where they purchased it) – after all, our clients really aren’t buying technology from us, they are really buying performance.

If the wrong solution is specified – then the best positive displacement technology in the world can’t get you the desired performance.

Our service techs are certified to repair and service every product we sell.

When you combine superior product training and knowledge with superior products, you get superior results:

Case Study #2:

A while back a client called us out to quote on a replacement for an airend on their 300HP air compressor. Whoever they’d dug up to do the troubleshooting had, for whatever reason, become convinced that the airend ‘was shot’ and needed to be replaced. Luckily, the customer called us to get a quote and we were able to offer them a second opinion.

Our service technician evaluated the compressor and found that the inlet valve needed to be repaired. We supplied the parts and the customer’s mechanic was able to complete their own repairs saving them $30,205 plus labor costs. If we’d replaced the airend as they requested, they’d have been out of pocket thousands of dollars and would still have the same problem.

This is why ALL of our service technicians are factory certified on the equipment we sell. You don’t need someone to come in and point the blame somewhere else or guess at what’s wrong. You need someone to fix your equipment fast and accurately. On the first visit. Every time.

Experience the Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions Difference Today.

Before we can help you, we need to get up to speed on your business and your challenges. Far too often industrial supply companies don’t take the time to get familiar with your business and your unique challenges – none of our clients have the same specific problem and a good idea for one client, could well be a disaster for another.

That is why our first step with every client is a Design Needs Assessment. This is where we can get together and get an understanding of you, your business and what your goals are. We can understand what your challenges are and help you find the best ways to solve those challenges and get the production you need.

Normally this process will take no more than an hour or two of your time, if you are able to provide us the necessary basic information in advance. At the end of your Design Needs Assessment, we will be able to advise you on your options for improving your systems and discuss the best path for you.

Normally, our on-site systems optimization consulting would be $150-$200 per hour or more depending on the complexity of your system. As a ‘Welcome to the Pye-Barker Family’ special we are doing a limited number of Design Needs Assessments at NO-COST and NO-OBLIGATION.

Remember this advice might be able to improve your performance or cut your costs 1%, 2%, 10% or more which will more than pay off over the next 12 months.

To register for your no cost, no obligation Design Needs Assessment simply email sales@pyebarker.com with Design Needs Assessment in the subject line and outline what your challenge is. We’ll get back to you ASAP to schedule your assessment and ask for any additional information.


Call 404-647-0986. You’ll probably speak to April and she will put you in touch with the appropriate systems optimization specialist.

Because of our considerable commitments to our existing clients we are only able to offer four Design Needs Assessments a month (about one a week). Any surplus applications will be scheduled in next month or in the next available slot. If it is urgent we can fit you in with a paid appointment.

Can you think of another way to get GUARANTEED systems performance?  I doubt it. Nobody else is offering piece of mind like this.

When it comes to our products and services we are un-matched in:

– Product quality
– Product knowledge/applications
– Inventory
– Professionalism

So what are you waiting for?

When we are brought in early, we are able to spot problems and to provide ideas for improving a system’s performance beyond ‘buy a bigger unit.’  Wouldn’t it be better to harness the 150 years of engineering solutions experience we have on staff? In toto 900 client sites all rely on our team’s expertise to keep performance at its specified standards! In our experience leaving us out of the critical engineering stage of your project is a risky venture.

We Can Provide Fresh Eyes To Your Problem…

We can make sure your designs hit your performance goals. We’ll help you with your design to make sure you avoid some all too common ‘performance killing mistakes’ that may creep into your designs.

  • Are your pumps, compressors or vacuums/blowers too big or too small? (Too small and you’ll never get your throughput goals. Too big and you might never grow into it, or you might end up using more energy than you have to)
  • Those pesky design details that can get overlooked by engineering firms. Do you need: – a strainer on the inlet of your pump? – Is your pump located correctly? –  What sort of pump controls do you need – on/off or variable speeds?
  • Likewise for air compressors, I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve seen air inlets placed where they will suck in dirty, wet, hot air – overloading the filtration system, overheating the compressor, overloading the dryer – all of which could be avoided with a smarter placement
  • Similarly we can advise you on the safety & maintenance considerations. We’ve seen air compressors that have been put in places where you can’t even open the cabinet to do something as simple as change the oil.  Similar mistakes can be made with the placement of pumps, blowers and vacuums.
  • Are there any silly mistakes in the piping design? They might look like small things now, but 20 years of under-performance or thousands of dollars in re-work to solve a problem can be financial suicide for your company and probably career suicide for you.

In this business success can be found in simply avoiding EVERY possible cause of failure and there a lot of them out there. Forewarned is forearmed. Go it alone, at your own risk, or be safe and go with the professionals at Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions.

Look, at the end of the day it’s simple. We are successful ONLY when we help our customers become more successful. If your process is down and you aren’t making money then it won’t be long before your company has closed its doors.

Companies with smooth operations, processes that are operating to specification, and with minimal downtime will be successful!  We will help you create this transformation through superior technical consultation, installation and support.

We look forward to working with you in an honest, healthy, and profitable manner!

To your success,
Eric Lunsford
Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions

P.S. We both know you need to stay ahead of your competition; you need to make sure your customers/clients are ecstatic with your service, and you need to work with someone who can provide solutions to your problems QUICKLY & EASILY!

P.P.S. Register for your no-cost, no obligation Design Needs Assessment now by calling 404-647-0986 or email sales@pyebarker.com remember we can only do four per month and they are filled on a first come first serve basis.


Compressor Services

Blower & Vacuum


An Engineering Solutions Company that can specify the right products, supply them AND guarantee to get you the result you want!

Risk Satisfaction logoOn top of the relevant manufacturer’s warranty for all of the products we supply, Pye-Barker offers the following guarantees:

On Any New Engineering Solutions Projects: If the information you provided is accurate, and we specify a solution that you purchase from us and then if you follow the specification AND the system doesn’t perform as specified, we will get your system performing as specified even if it means installing a whole new system.

Repairs On Equipment: Everything repaired by Pye-Barker will be returned exactly to its original manufacturer’s specifications when we are finished (unless you tell us to do otherwise). If not we will continue to work on it until it is.

Repairs On Equipment

Our Parts Services:
We hold over a million dollars of pump, air compressor and blower/vacuum parts ready for speedy delivery. If we don’t have the part(s) on hand then

1. We will contact the manufacturer and advise you of their lead time ASAP. And with your approval we’ll get your parts in.


2. If you need it faster than that, we will search through our network of partners & suppliers in order to find your part and get it for you sooner.

Regardless of your choice, we’ll keep you appraised of the situation through the whole process.

Maintenance Contracts:
All our maintenance contracts are custom designed for each client to meet their individual performance and service level requirements. Our maintenance contracts include specifications on what results we will deliver and when we will deliver those results.

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