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Air Compressor Short Cycling

Air Compressor Short Cycling If your air compressor comes on for a short burst then turns itself off… then starts cycling again your compressor is short cycling… We’ve just been through this problem with a couple of clients and I feel it’s important to share this with you. Short Cycling is *almost* always a symptom […]

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When Is It More Efficient To Buy Two Smaller Air Compressors Over A Single Larger One?

The Choice is Yours A lot of workshops and ‘less complicated’ compressed air systems owners often face a variation on which compressor option should we take? The choice is between: Installing single large compressor that can deal with the peak load of the system (as well as future increases in demand)? Or Installing two compressors […]

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Cold Weather And Compressed Air: What I Hope You’ve Done By Now

Cold Weather And Compressed Air With the worst of the winter weather about to arrive, I hope you’ve already done your winter preparation. If not – the sooner your compressed air system is taken care of the better. In the cold weather the condensation in your control lines can freeze. This can result in your compressor […]

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Saving You Time & Money - It's What We Do.

Saving you Time & Money - It's what we do. One of our customers is a global thermoplastic elastomer manufacturer. They relocated several pumps that they used in their previous plant in Duluth to their new location in Buford, Georgia. Due to the poor piping network in their new facility, there was excessive suction pressure […]

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Viking Pumps Offer Superior Service Life

Viking Pumps offer Superior Service Life Creating power through coal requires all sorts of machinery, and if one piece of the system fails, problems arise. Coal pulverizers require pumps to circulate oil to maintain function, making them a critical part of the operation. Recently, we encountered a very large company that used sub-optimal pumps. They […]

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Looking ahead - Viking Pumps Save You Money

Looking ahead - Viking Pumps save you money We recently dealt with a customer who extrudes cottonseed oil. This customer was using diaphragm pumps when we encountered their setup. These pumps were taxing the entire system, causing a number of efficiency problems, as well as requiring frequent maintenance. In short, they were costing the company […]

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Shouldn't all pumps be as rock solid as a Viking Pump?

Shouldn't all pumps be as rock solid as a Viking Pump? We have a customer who manufactures fiberglass bathtubs — tubs made from materials that are more affordable than brass, copper, or cast-iron models, easier to install, and more convenient to repair. But making them that way requires a special pump. It drives a mixture […]

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Air-operated Diaphragm Pump Disasters: 3 More Installation Traps (and A Quick Fix for Each One)

In December, I shared with you 3 Air Operated Diaphragm Pump (AODD) installation traps. There are another 3 common installation traps that I see maintenance teams make when installing them. I thought I’d share these with you here to save you the time and hassle of having to wait until something stops working on your AODD […]

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“Why hasn’t my team fixed the ‘low cost stuff’ from my compressed air audit?”

We do our share of compressed air audits for clients. One phenomena that baffles us and our clients more often than we’d like is when our audit team’s list of “low cost quick wins” often aren’t implemented immediately. When we check back, many clients haven’t fixed their leaks. They haven’t made simple process improvements to […]

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An Insider’s Guide To Pump Packing

An Insider’s Guide To Pump Packing Despite all the advances in pump design over the years, we still have to choose how we are going to minimize leakage from our pumps. Based on our team’s observation here at Pye-Barker, there is a split between two camps. The mechanical seal camp and also the packing camp. […]

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