End Your Reliance On Mechanical Seals and Packing For Both New And Existing Pumps With A Simple, Proven, and Reliable Alternative

Viking pump buyers no longer have to rely on mechanical seals or packing for their pumps. Packing breaks down and needs to be replaced. Mechanical seals break down causing leaks. Both packing and mechanical seals require contact with the rotating shaft – which increases wear and tear on the shaft… and causes energy to be […]

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Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions expands into Florida with acquisition of Florida Air Technologies

Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions Acquires Florida Air Technologies 84-Year-Old Compressed Air Company Grows to Help Local Customers at  FOREST PARK, GA, January 9, 2020 – Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions,, announced today that they have acquired Florida Air Technologies, LLC as part of their 2020 growth plans to exceed customer expectations. Since 1936, Pye-Barker has served the needs […]

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Georgia’s Viking Pump Distributor Offers Answers

Demanding fluid-handling applications call for the right equipment and expertise Did you know that we became Georgia’s Viking Pump main distributor over 50 years ago? This is because Viking Pump, Inc. sets the standards for all other gear pump companies and has been an industry leader in the world of positive displacement gear pumps since […]

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November Gardner Denver Blowers

Gardner Denver Blowers in GA: The Best Option for Your Water and Wastewater Applications Gardner Denver appreciates the complex challenges and requirements of the water and wastewater industries and offers a distinctive range of bare blowers and blower packages that are recognized for their low maintenance and excellent performance. Following is more information regarding these […]

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Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps

Benefits of Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps in GA Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA have traits that are comparable to reciprocating or rotary pumps. And because of the motion of the rotor, they are also referred to as eccentric screw pumps. Of all the different kinds of pumps available, progressive cavity pumps can deal with […]

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Wright Pump TRA10

Wright Pump TRA10 in GA: The Best Choice for Sanitary Fluids The reliability of Wright Flow Technologies positive displacement pumping principle has been proven over several decades. The easy maintenance and robust design make it a great choice for all sanitary fluids. Also, its gentle action on slurries with soft solids or shear-sensitive liquids makes […]

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Gardner Denver Air Compressors

Gardner Denver Air Compressors in GA: The Versatility You Need Air compressors are multipurpose pieces of equipment that you’ll find in a wide range of industries. From food packing to mining, Gardner Denver air compressors in GA provide several choices to meet your requirements while providing optimum performance. As the foremost global provider of flow […]

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Viking Rotary Vane Pumps

Viking Rotary Vane Pumps in GA: Features, Benefits, and Applications Viking rotary vane pumps in GA are used for liquid transfer in applications ranging from LP gas to chemicals. The vanes on the pumps spread from slots on the rotor, that move liquid through a cam-shaped opening and provide high mechanical efficiency and very low […]

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Zeks Compressed Air Dryers

Zeks Compressed Air Dryers in GA: Specialized Air Treatment For Large Compressed Air Systems Compressed air includes moisture and other contaminants that must be removed to avoid damage to tools, instruments, and pneumatic valves. If not removed, these impurities can compromise critical finishing and manufacturing processes and cause production downtime and product waste. ZEKS compressed […]

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Finish Thompson End Suction Pumps in GA: The Fundamentals

Each different kind of pump possesses its own weaknesses and strengths. As a buyer, you might find it challenging to choose among the options that can be selected for the same type of application. Today we’re sharing information regarding Finish Thompson end suction pumps in GA. An end-suction pump is the most fundamental type of centrifugal […]

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