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ARO Releases New SD Line Of FDA-Compliant Diaphragm Pumps

New SD line of FDA-Compliant Diaphragm Pumps ARO is launching a series of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps. The new SD line of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps is designed to pump and transfer materials for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries safely and efficiently. ARO’s new SD line of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps yields 20 to 30 percent better flow […]

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Viking Parts Kits - Repair it once, Repair it right.

Viking Parts Kits That is the motto of Viking. Make one repair, do it right, and get it back into production. When it comes to meeting your production quotas, there is no time for pumps going down and constantly having to make repairs. With Viking repair kits, you can have everything you need to get […]

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How Is Your Air Quality Coming Out Of That Line?

How is your air quality coming out of that line? When it comes to your compressed air tools, it is important that you maintain clean and dry air in order to ensure optimum performance. Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators (FRLs) are an easy way to help maintain your air at the point of use. There are […]

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FTI Cordless Drum Pump

FTI Cordless Drum Pump When it comes to drum pumps, Finish Thompson has a wide variety of pumps for any need. But one challenge is there is not a lot of mobility when it comes to drum pumps. In order to operate you will need to have an air or electricity source at your drum. […]

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Understanding Torque and Horsepower

Understanding Torque and Horsepower Understandably so, in the pump industry our focus is primarily on the power delivered BY the pump. How much flow is required and at what pressure? Here at Viking Pump and at our channel partners we have hundreds of experts on this topic. Once we’ve solved for this, we then need to shift […]

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Misapplications For Positive Displacement Gear Pumps

MISAPPLICATIONS FOR POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT GEAR PUMPS ACID BASED OR LIGHT WEIGHT HAZARDOUS FLUIDS Pump leakage has become more critical in recent years because of environmental concerns, fugitive emissions, handling of carcinogen materials and loss of valuable products. Acid based fluids typically have viscosities similar to water, and may have no or limited lubricity properties. Internal […]

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You Need To Know The Proper Oil Level For Your Compressor

  The Proper Oil Level for Your Compressor Maintaining correct oil level is the most important and easily varying maintenance problem and or question. So many times oil level can cause service issues and the customer is unaware of the issue. Most know that low levels cause-high temperature varnishing and in extreme conditions shut downs […]

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Understanding The Many Different Types Of Air Compressors

Many Different Types of Air Compressors “I want a quote on an air compressor”. This is how the conversation and subsequent negotiation begins. Our first response is “what size?”   This refers not only to the CFM required, but also to the pressure required. Once these points are determined, the next question is “what type compressor?” Compressor […]

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Compressor Types And Their Lubrication Methods

  Compressor Types & Lubrication Methods Compressor types can also be defined by lubrication, i.e. whether lubricated or non-lubricated. Non-lubricated compressors are usually referred to as “oil free”. ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) provides for a purity level that ensures no oil is in contact with the compressed air, and typically indicates no oil is used in […]

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Drive Method And Duty Cycle Help Determine The Best Compressor For Your Application

Drive method is probably the simplest method of differentiating compressors. The compressor, whether reciprocating or rotary, can be v-belt driven, direct coupled, or either of the above accompanied by a variable frequency drive. The simple v-belt drive is most commonly seen on the air cooled reciprocating compressor, and smaller rotary screw compressors. V-belt drives provide […]

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