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Energy Audits

Air Audits & Air Leak Surveys to Save You Money

Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions provides total solutions for our customers. That’s why we gladly provide air and energy audits and air leak surveys. Too often, we see customers spending far more on energy costs than they need to be simply because their system isn’t operating efficiently due to faulty configurations or they aren’t aware of potentially lost air. Our air leak surveys and audits will provide you with actionable data you can use to improve your compressed air system and save money.

Energy Audit FAQ

What Is an Energy Audit & Air Leak Survey?

By using specialized tools and equipment, we can fully test the performance of your compressed air system and discover leaks, gauge overall efficiency, confirm actual demand, test equipment configurations, and find other issues that might be affecting your overall energy use and system efficiency.

What Does an Audit/Survey Include?

We have several air audit tools and resources to provide a comprehensive and thorough analysis. Inspections may include:

  • Identifying air leaks
  • Efficiency ratings
  • Providing actionable data to reduce energy costs
  • Suitability of unloading controls
  • Graphs detailing air pressure, power use, and interpolated flow during weekly operation
  • Pipe and equipment capacity analysis
  • And more!

What Happens After the Audit?

That’s up to you! We will provide you with the data you need to make the most informed decisions for your system, and we’ll even prioritize actionable steps you can take to make the most of the data we provide. Most customers who take advantage of our “low cost/quick win” recommendations report vast energy savings and continue on with our full recommendations to take advantage of even more savings.

Better still, you don’t have to do it alone. We can help you find smarter configurations for your intake and discharge piping, help you select more efficient compressor units, assist you in controlling pressure loss, and more.

Our experts and engineers will be there to guide you every step of the way, and in the end, your compressed air system will operate more efficiently - saving you money. Read this article on our compressed air audits for more technical details.

Schedule Your Audit Today!

The longer you wait to schedule your energy audit, the longer you will be throwing money down the drain on excessive energy costs. One quick call to Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions can have you on your way to more cost-efficient operations, so schedule your audit today to get started!

Schedule Energy Audit


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