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Engineering Services

Put 225 Years of Engineering Experience to Work Designing Your Next Line.

In 1956 we founded our hydro-air division, since then we’ve been helping our clients get the best possible performance from their compressed air systems and from their various pumping processes.

There are a lot of traps you can fall into when designing any sort of system. And frankly we’ve seen just about everything more than once now. Between the engineers we have on staff and the training that our service techs and sales representatives receive from the manufacturers, we can help you avoid mistakes that could cut your system's performance in half.

To make matters worse, we are seeing a generational shift in the engineering world.

So many of the old timers are retiring, and the kids coming through to replace them haven’t got the real world experience they need yet and are overly reliant on the theory, that just doesn’t quite work in the real world.

Yes, a university graduate can do everything by the book and still get things wrong – things that hard won experience will teach him in time. But right now, he’s going to get that hard won experience designing your next line or your next system incorrectly and leaving you with it for years.

Not All Advice Has Equal Value.

While we have many competitors who have a similar range of products they often lack the engineering solutions expertise to get the most out of their product range. Many engineering companies lack the ‘hands on’ experience that comes with helping a client maintain their equipment over the long term.

We often can spot issues in the design phase that will haunt the maintenance team – like needing to have a weekend job as a contortionist to be able to change the oil in your air compressor or that the designer has put an elbow joint too close the inlet of a pump so that they can save some precious floor space – it’s a shame the pump will almost certainly experience cavitation because of it.

The bad taste of poor quality will linger long after the satisfaction of a bargain has passed. Trust me, we’ve heard similar regrets from new clients all too often. And you might have your own version of that story somewhere in your past.

Unlike most Engineering Solutions providers we are with you all the way through the project.

We don’t just bow out at the completion of the design phase, we are with you all the way through the life of the process or systems we design. We understand when you engage us to design a system you are really commissioning us to get your systems working to their specification… So that you can produce your end product and sell it to your clients.

That is why we offer the following guarantee for our Engineering Solutions:

If the information you provided is accurate, and we specify a solution that you purchase from us and then if you follow the specification AND the system doesn’t perform as specified, we will get your system performing as specified even if it means installing a whole new system.

If you are sick of the ‘old way’ of doing business where everyone points the finger at somebody else – the product supplier can blame the design engineering firm, who’ll find some factoid that you gave them that is wrong and blame the system failure on that, in essence blaming you…

You can come to Pye-Barker's fluid engineering services and we’ll work with you through the design process, order the products you need and deliver them, and build and test your skids so they are ready to connect to your system.

The first step to building a new system is to begin with a no-cost, no-obligation “Design Needs Assessment”. This is where we can help you to figure out the feasibility of the proposed project and be sure that we can actually help you.

Unlike other engineering solutions providers – who may need to keep their team busy – we won’t take on projects we can’t handle. How can I say that? Simple – our guarantee to replace your system if we incorrectly specify it means that we can’t ‘just collect a fee’ and move along leaving you with a bad, under-performing system.

To schedule your “Design Needs Assessment” please contact your sales rep or call us at 407-329-9908 or fill in the contact form.

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Engineered Solutions

Gardner Denver CycloBlower 200 hp Positive Displacement Blower Packages
Gardner Denver
Gardner Denver 150 hp Air Cooled Compressor with Relocated Cooler Module
Gardner Denver
Gardner Denver High Pressure Water Cooler Reciprocating Air Compressor Package
Gardner Denver
Gardner Denver High Pressure Triplex Reciprocating Pump Package
Viking Rotary Lobe Cart Mounted Pump Package with Explosion Proof Motor & Controls
Viking Asphalt Pump V-Belt Drive Package With Piped Hot Oil Tubing
Rotary Screw Compressors
Two Gardner Denver 30 hp Rotary Screw Compressors Mounted on a Common Base with Desiccant Dryer and Receiver
Viking V-Belt And Reducer Double Speed Reduction Pump Package


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