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  • "Bryan, I would like to thank Pye-Barker and Viking Pump for providing us with such a GREAT pump product for over 30 years now!! One example is our mag drive GG897. This pump is a real work horse and always delivers, even under the extreme conditions we subject it to. Also to note, the times we have called you to make changes to our pumps to better suit our needs. Pye-Barker and Viking have always been open to our ideas and helped us materialize a better piece of equipment to reach our process needs. And I haven’t forgotten all the other great pumps you have provided us with. Thank you Bryan and thank you Viking!!"

    - Mike Ingram


  • "Eric, Thanks for the personal card. We're very happy with the compressors we've bought and will continue to buy all our air products from your company. Two days ago, our entire street lost a phase of power and once the power was restored, all our machines came back online, except the compressors. I called Larry who answered even while on vacation. He walked me through some trouble shooting steps and then had Chuck call me. We determined the starters on both compressors were burnt. Chuck offered to come out the following morning to get us back up and running but instead, I had one on my employees meet Chuck at his office the following morning at 7:30 am and pick up the start boxes. Every hour we're down is an hour of lost revenue as we run our CNC's 24/7. Yesterday afternoon, Chuck called again, just to check in and see if we were able to get up and running again. We're a small family owned business and our rapid growth has caused several struggles, especially in the customer service area. Your team is a great example of "Doing It Right". Thanks again to you and your entire team for outstanding products and customer service."


    Richmond Hill, GA
  • "The last thing anybody expects, during the holiday season, is an issue that impacts a facility directly. The motor on our air compressor, the cooling fan, spun for the last time and we were dead in the water. We all know what that means to production and daily outputs. I immediately called our Pye-Barker Rep., Ron Wright, and explained the dilemma. Within the hour he was onsite and assessing the issue. During that time, we had a partial solution in place, in order to keep production running, until we were able to have a new motor replacement. Ron even went as far as having the old motor off before the Technicians arrived with the new motor, to speed up the replacement process. Talk about being impressed! Once the new motor was installed, everybody was able to breathe a sigh of relief, with several head nods about what was just accomplished in such a short time. This is the kind of service I have been looking for. Solutions ready to go at any time, a lot of communication and reassurance, with the confidence of being prepared for anything. Thank you, Pye-Barker"

    David Flowers

    Maintenance Tech - eLandersUSA
  • "During my 25 of years of maintenance at BOLD/ADAMA I have bought and used only Gardner Denver air compressors. And for at least 2/3 of that time I have used Pye Barker as our service source. Pye Barker service has always been able to get me through the problems I have encountered and been a very reliable source of help and engineering during projects and installations. Every time we call with a problem you provide us with a timely response and a guaranteed fix.
    I appreciate yours and Billy’s knowledge, ability and help in keeping our machinery running. Keep up the good work. Thanks."


    Maintenance Manager
  • "The Pye Barker maintenance department has been a key asset in keeping our air compressors online and running properly. They have been very knowledgeable and eager to help whenever I have called upon them."

    - H.H.C. Lauer


    Senior Mechanical Maintenance Technician
  • "He is the best technician we have EVER had servicing our compressed air system"

    - George Wiley

    Woodbridge Corporation

    Plant Engineering Manager
  • "Good Morning Guys. I just wanted to say thanks for the help with our new Facility yesterday and overall. It was a rushed project with very little planning but you guys helped us get it together quickly. Craig made it yesterday and was awesome. He was quick and courteous and went above and beyond to help us start up the new compressor after we jumped the gun on it and screwed up the belts. They are up and running full speed this morning."

    - Kevin Terry

    Atlanta Custom Fabricators®️️

    Electrical Dept.


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