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Get the Parts You Need Without Being Strung Along by Someone Desperate for an Order.

PartsMany parts suppliers will promise you rapid response to get the order even when they know they can’t meet your ‘need by’ date and then they go look for a way to get it to you, pushing out the delivery deadline long after they have your order.

Pye-Barker holds $1.5 million of inventory including Viking Pump Parts and Industrial pump parts, in its warehouse ready to be picked and packed. Odds are, if you need a part we’ll be able to ship it out to you on the same day.

When you order a part that we don’t have on the shelves the first thing we’ll do is tell you that we don’t have it. We call that Business Integrity. Then once our discussion is concluded we will contact the manufacturer and get their lead time to have it delivered either to us or shipped directly to you…

However, we both know that manufacturers often exist in their own little world where deadlines and your production goals don’t matter… only optimizing their own efficiency – which can lead to unacceptable lead times for you!

Our main concern when you ‘need a part yesterday’ is to get you back up and running. That’s why if you need it yesterday then waiting for the manufacturer of the part to deliver it is unacceptable – that’s why we go the extra mile.

We will contact the members of our extensive partner network and search high and low to find the necessary part and arrange to have it shipped to you. In many cases with critical equipment, this service is much cheaper than waiting an extra week or two for the part in terms of lost production, plant downtime, and missed deadlines.

If you need to order any parts, email us at or call 404-647-0986 or fill in the contact form.

P.S. If worse comes to worse and there isn’t a replacement part available in your desired timeframe (and you can’t get one anywhere else), then we can often help you create a work-around or stop-gap solution until your part is available.

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