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Maximizing Efficiency with PYE-BARKER's Viking Abrasive Liquid Pumps for Industrial Applications

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November 29, 2022


Unleashing the Potential of Viking Abrasive Liquid Pumps

Pumping abrasive liquids poses challenges, demanding specialized solutions for longevity and efficiency. At PYE-BARKER engineered solutions, we excel in providing top-notch parts and services for industrial machineries, including pumps, compressors, blowers, and vacuums.

Overcoming Challenges in Abrasive Liquid Pumping

When dealing with abrasive liquids, factors like hardness and solids percentage significantly impact pump wear and piping integrity. To combat this, our Viking Abrasive Liquid Pumps offer a strategic approach. Oversizing the pump mitigates wear by reducing RPM, lessening abrasion, and lowering the NPSH needed to prevent cavitation.

Key Strategies for Enhanced Pump Performance

Addressing Pump Speed and Pressure

Optimal pump performance hinges on managing speed and pressure. Oversizing pumps effectively lowers RPM, minimizing wear. Moreover, maintaining proper suction side flow is crucial. We recommend oversizing both the pump and strainers to ensure a positive flow, reducing pressure drop and safeguarding the pump from foreign objects.

For more in-depth insights, visit our page on Viking Abrasive Liquid Pumps: PYE-BARKER Viking Pumps

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