ARO Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

How would your pump stand up?

Several months ago I visited a customer in middle Georgia with the ARO fluid products rep. The customer we visited was using several different size Sandpiper AOD (Air Operated Diaphragm) pumps in their plant. They were having some serious issues with stalling, freezing up, and not getting long life out of the Sandpiper pumps. The main pump was used to unload their trucks and was a 2” non-metallic AOD pump. The ARO rep crossed the pump over to an ARO PD20P-FPS-PTT pump.

The customer purchased the ARO PD20 pump to replace the 2” Sandpiper they used to unload the trucks.

After a couple weeks I went back to check on how the pumps were performing.

The customer was ecstatic with the performance he was getting out of the ARO PD20 pump. They were not stalling or freezing up and the customer was getting better flow than they had been able to get out of the Sandpiper.

Normally when unloading the trucks, they would have to pressurize the tank at 30psi AND use the pumps on the tank to help the Sandpiper pumps get the flow they needed. With the ARO pump they did NOT have to pressurize tanks or use the pumps mounted on the tank and yet they were getting the same flow.

Needless to say, the customer is now looking to replace all their Sandpiper pumps with ARO pumps.

Over the years ARO has refined their AOD pumps and now provides the best “Total Cost of Ownership” pumps in the industry.

This is just one example of what ARO AOD pumps can do. Call us today and let us improve your production capabilities.