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Revolutionize Your Industrial Fluid Management with ARO's Innovative Controller

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by Erin Hipolito
January 23, 2024

In the fast-paced world of industrial fluid management, staying ahead is crucial. ARO, a leading name in the industry, is set to transform your operations with its latest innovation—the ARO Controller. This blog post explores how this cutting-edge technology brings touch-and-walk-away automation to the forefront, enhancing reliability, productivity, and safety in fluid handling.

ARO's Commitment to Excellence

At PYE-BARKER engineered solutions, we understand the complexities of fluid handling in industrial settings. ARO's Global Product Leader, Nelson Wesley, emphasizes the company's commitment to solving customers' challenges with smart solutions. The new ARO Controller stands as a testament to this commitment.

Unveiling the ARO Controller

A Fully Automated Multi-Pump System

The ARO Controller seamlessly integrates with ARO EXP Electronic Interface pumps, creating a fully automated multi-pump system. This innovation is a game-changer for batching, filling, and chemical injection systems across diverse applications. Even existing ARO EXP pumps can be integrated, offering adaptability and flexibility.

Remote Operating Capabilities: The ARO Controller

Wesley highlights the remote operating capabilities as a key feature. The controller can be programmed with customized remote triggers, allowing operators to make intelligent fluid management decisions. This not only enhances reliability and productivity but also contributes to a safer working environment.

Intelligent Automation for Efficient Operations

The multi-pump controller responds to triggers with auto-shutdowns when needed, sending data and service alerts to operators. This feature minimizes downtime, putting more control in the hands of operators. ARO takes pride in providing a comprehensive system solution that requires less operator oversight, allowing businesses to run smoothly.

Precision and Versatility

The new controller builds upon the precision of the ARO EXP pump, ensuring full priming and achieving +/- 1 percent repeatability. With an easy-to-use interface supporting eight languages, it can detect leaks, operate two pumps simultaneously, respond to liquid levels, control proportions, and manage flow rates accurately.

Empowering Your Pumping Process

In conclusion, ARO's innovative controller is a game-changer for industrial fluid management. It empowers engineers and technicians to take control of their pumping processes efficiently.

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