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Signs of Positive Displacement Blower Failures

There are many common causes for blower failures. Rotary positive displacement blower equipment (Gardner Denver, Sutorbilt, DuroFlow, etc.) are fairly simple mechanical devices.  They consist of two rotors (2 or 3 lobes each) connected by timing gears, rotating inside a cylinder or housing.  Their spinning moves air from inlet to outlet, pumping against the system […]

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How to Drive your Positive Displacement Blower

Blowers are dumb beasts. They do not know nor care what is driving them.  They just rotate and move air. There are a number of methods of driving a rotary positive displacement blower. The simplest and preferred method is a simple flexible coupling, driving the blower at the same speed as the motor.  Woods Dura-Flex […]

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Troubleshooting Pump Problems & Failures

Let Our Experts at Pye Barker Troubleshoot Pump Problems One of the major problems facing industry today is the limited number of people with sufficient skill and experience to diagnose and rectify the basic problems plaguing positive displacement pumps. Another difficulty is that the same lack of skill and experience is creating many of these […]

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There is more than one way to Dry your Air

The Many Ways to Dry your Air We frequently receive calls for an air dryer.  When pressed for specifics, the customer often has no idea how dry he needs the air to be.  He may only need to remove liquid water and contaminants from his line.  Or, he could need “instrument quality” air. The amount […]

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The Energy Saving Benefits of Converting an AOD Pump to an Internal Gear Pump

Converting an AOD Pump to an Internal Gear Pump Many customers are becoming energy conscious and are reviewing existing production equipment to look for ways to save energy. One major item of consideration is the cost of compressed air. For fluid transfer requirements, many customers will use an Air Operated Diaphragm pump. For a typical […]

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Basic Pumping Principles 101 - Don't Starve Your Pump

Basic Pumping Principles 101 from Pye Barker A few months ago I was in south Georgia with our salesman Chris Carlisle and we were visiting a bio fuel transfer facility. Essentially, this facility unloads bio fuels from tankers and stores the fuel until it is loaded into another tanker for distribution. This facility was having […]

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Shortened Maintenance Intervals can Extend Air Compressor Life

Extend Air Compressor Life Long life is no accident. It is a result of healthy life practices and good care. The same rule applies to life of an air compressor. Good care and maintenance have a direct bearing on the length of trouble free service an air compressor can provide a customer. Recommended maintenance intervals […]

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Is your Finish Thompson Drum Pump DEF?

In street lingo "def" means something cool, hip, up-to-date. In the world of diesel engines DEF defines the latest in reducing harmful exhaust emissions. DEF is an acronym for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, an important component that minimizes nitrogen oxides (NOx) in a technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).  DEF itself is a carefully blended aqueous […]

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The Pye-Barker Blog is Now Open & Active!

Welcome to the first of our weekly blogs here at the Pye-Barker! It is our hope that you will find these blog posts informative and relevant to helping you select, apply, and maintain the equipment your business needs. Since 1936 Pye-Barker Supply Company has been serving all sorts of industries here in the great state […]

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