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Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed Air Dryers for Florida & Georgia Operations

Compressed Air Dryers

There are many different types of compressed air dryers and which one you choose for your facility will depend largely on your application and existing equipment. Allow the experts and engineers at Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions to help you determine which air dryer will work best for your needs.

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What You Need to Know About Compressed Air Dryers

The first thing to realize is that there are many different types of air dryers, and each air dryer for compressed air is designed to meet unique challenges and goals. Types of air dryers include:

  • Refrigerated Air Dryers - Provide a level of dryness that satisfies most compressed air uses.
  • Desiccant Dryers - Best for applications that cannot tolerate any moisture.
  • Specialty Gas & Liquid Dryers - Designed to safely remove these elements from the air.
  • Membrane Dryers - Dehumidifying dryers ideal for dew point requirements between +32 and -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Deliquescent Dryers - Often used for natural gas and landfill gas dryers.
  • Breathing Air Purifiers - Designed to improve safety in tank cleaning, sand blasting, paint spraying, and other hazardous applications.

The experts at Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions can help explain the differences between the air dryer types, as well as provide an assessment on your existing equipment, to help you find the air dryer equipment that will work most efficiently within your application.

We Have Endless Equipment & Engineering Expertise

At Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions, we have engineers who are industry and application experts, and we have all of the equipment, parts, and services that you need under one roof. We have over $1.5 million in local inventory and have been serving Florida and Georgia businesses for nearly 85 years. If you are looking for top-quality equipment and engineering expertise, turn to our team at Pye-Barker. Contact us today for more information if you are looking for an air dryer for air compressors or any of our other products or services.


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