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Everything You Need to Know About Finish Thompson End Suction Pumps in GA

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by Erin Hipolito
April 26, 2024

Understanding Finish Thompson End Suction Pumps in GA

Each different kind of pump possesses its own weaknesses and strengths. As a buyer, you might find it challenging to choose among the options that can be selected for the same type of application. Today we’re sharing information regarding Finish Thompson end suction pumps in GA.


How End-Suction Pumps Work

An end-suction pump is the most fundamental type of centrifugal pump designed with a covering. The suction is on one end of the pump and the discharge is placed at the top, which is why it is referred to as an end-suction pump. Finish Thompson end suction pumps in GA usually contain a casing which has coil windings and an impeller. When the liquid passes through the fins and blades of the impeller, the velocity increases. The liquid then passes through the casing where its high velocity is converted into high pressure through a process of circulation.

End suction pumps can be propelled by:

  • D.C. motor;
  • Hydraulic motors;
  • A.C. electric motors;
  • Steam turbines;
  • Air motors;
  • Diesel and petrol engines.

End suction pumps may be frame-mounted or close-coupled, making them the best option for non-critical and intermittent and service applications.

Types of Finish Thompson End Suction Pumps in GA

Close-Coupled End Suction Pump: In these pumps, the motor shaft and the pump shaft are the same, and the motor bearings and pump bearings are the same. The impeller is attached directly to the one end of the motor shaft. These close coupled pumps require less space and are also cheaper than the frame-mounted option. Close-coupled design provides compact construction and space savings and. A permanent rigid alignment in these pumps eliminates the need for all other alignments, thereby prolonging bearing and seal life.

Frame Mounted End Suction Pump: This type of Finish Thompson end suction pump in GA has bearings and shafts that are independent of the motor. To transfer energy from the pump to the motor, a coupling is required. The frame-mounted category of end suction pump comes with a double volute design. The main features of this option are lower life-cycle costs and increased efficiency. The footed bearing frame delivers easy maintenance. The impellers are trimmed and balanced providing customization.

With a wide variety of centrifugal pump configurations available in the market today, it is vitally important to fully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each type of end suction pump when choosing a new pump for your industry to minimize the maintenance costs, particularly when you are involved with critical applications.

If you need a pump, blower, vacuum, air compressor, or a complete system - or would like to learn more about Finish Thompson end suction pumps in GA - we will specify a solution based on your needs and requirements. Call our office today to speak with one of our experts.

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