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Choosing the Right Compressor Types and Lubrication Methods by PYE-BARKER Engineered Solutions

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by admin
December 2, 2022


Compressor types and their lubrication methods

Understanding Compressor Types and Lubrication Techniques

Are you navigating the complex world of industrial compressors, trying to find the right fit for your machinery? At PYE-BARKER Engineered Solutions, we specialize in providing parts and services for industrial pumps, compressors, blowers, and vacuums. Our expert engineers and technicians are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions for optimal performance.

Defining Compressor Types

When it comes to compressors, understanding the lubrication methods is crucial. Compressor types can be categorized based on lubrication—whether lubricated or non-lubricated. The latter, often known as "oil-free," meets the ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) purity standard, ensuring zero oil contact with compressed air. Terms like "oil-less" indicate no oil is used at all. Discover why oil-free and oil-less compressors set the standard for high-quality compressed air.

Specialized Components for Superior Performance

Both reciprocating and rotary compressors employ special materials and sealing media, such as Teflon piston rings and water sealing between rotors. Timing gears play a crucial role in keeping rotors separated. Learn about the advanced technologies used in our compressors to guarantee top-notch performance and reliability.

To delve deeper into compressor types and lubrication methods, visit our comprehensive guide at Compressor Types and Their Lubrication Methods.

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