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Unlocking Efficiency in Industrial Fluid Handling: Gear Pumps Demystified

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December 7, 2022



Are you grappling with pump leakage issues in handling acid-based or lightweight hazardous fluids? In the realm of industrial machinery, the importance of addressing these concerns has never been more critical. As an expert in Industrial Pumps, Compressors, Blowers, and Vacuums, Pye-Barker engineered solutions offers insights into the misapplications of positive displacement gear pumps, shedding light on their limitations and providing solutions for optimal fluid handling.

Understanding Gear Pumps Limitations

Gear Pumps and Shear-Sensitive Fluids

Positive displacement gear pumps, whether internal or external, excel with Newtonian-type fluids. However, when it comes to shear-sensitive fluids, the story changes. Gear pumps may not be the ideal choice, as their design is not conducive to maintaining the integrity of such fluids. The challenge lies in finding the delicate balance between viscosity, lubricity, and compatibility.

Acid-Based Fluids: A Compatibility Conundrum

Acid-based fluids pose a unique challenge due to their corrosive nature. Incompatible materials of construction and seals supplied with gear pumps can lead to operational issues. VIKING Pumps addresses this with specialized solutions, offering stainless liquid vane pumps for lightweight fluids and non-metallic mag drive external gear pumps for hazardous fluids, ensuring leak-free, seal-less operation.

Expert Solutions from PYE-BARKER

Navigating Fluid Challenges with Pye-Barker (H3)

For industrial engineers and technicians seeking tailored solutions, Pye-Barker engineered solutions stands as a reliable partner. Specializing in parts and services for Pumps, Compressors, Blowers, and Vacuums, our expertise extends to mitigating challenges posed by misapplications.

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Visit Misapplications for Positive Displacement Gear Pumps for in-depth insights into fluid handling challenges.

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