Viking XPD 676 API Compliant Pump

Viking's New XPD 676 API Compliant Pump

Viking XPD 676 API Compliant Pump

Viking has just stepped up promotion of their new XPD 676 range, so we thought it would be a good time to review their offerings for chemical, petro-chemical oil and gas process applications – the XPD 676 pump series – the first internal gear positive displacement pump to be fully API 676 compliant.

Talking to the team over at Viking they said that designing the XPD 676 pump actually made them re-evaluate their design process and the R&D needed to design a pump to meet the API 676 standard. This has actually had a trickle down effect for how they design the rest of their pump range going forward.

The name of the game in here is risk mitigation. While you can use pumps based on exceptions to the API 676 standard it does mean that you are open to risks and that you must have risk mitigation strategies in place – many of which can be more expensive to enforce than just using a compliant pump in the first place (think air quality litigation, increased cost of insurance, clean up of chemicals or hydro-carbon spills or environmental reporting costs).

Here’s how using Viking Pump XPD 676 pumps will help you minimize risk:

Reduced Risk of Over Unplanned Downtime: API 682 seals will operate for 25,000 hours. The XPD 676’s thrust bearing are designed to three times the L10 lifespan. These pumps are meant to be operated at relatively low speeds to extend the seal/bearing life while providing higher energy efficiency.

These pumps also have options for hard parts for abrasive liquids or contaminates. So these pumps can be customized for most chemical, petro-chemical oil and gas process applications.

Reduced Risk of Leakage: The costs for even a ‘small’ petro-chemical spill can be outrageous; so Viking has used static O-ring seals to provide improved sealing compared to flat gaskets. As part of their quality control process each pump undergoes Non-Destructive Evaluation of welds and castings to ensure compliance. Pumps also feature cast-in drains so that the pumps can be drained prior to service.

Reduced Risk of VOC Emissions: You can use your plant’s standard API 682 seals in order to remain compliant with your environmental permit. Double seals can be used if you have more restrictive permits than the standard 1,000ppm. The pump’s class 300 flanges exceed the specified forces and moments for vapor-tight sealing at the inlet discharge and drain.

Reduced Risk of Corrosion Failure: The XPD 676 pumps have an additional 3mm corrosion allowance over the MACP on pressure containing components – they just have more steel in them than other pumps so that they last longer. Viking can cast custom alloys in-house to meet your needs – so everything remains above API 676 standard.

Viking can also comply with any customer paint specifications that you need.

Reduced Risk of Over Pressure Failure: XPD 676 use 80% more steel than the equivalent pumps in Viking’s standard range. The Viking XPD uses Grade WCC steel with a 40,000 psi minimum yield.

If you are looking to drive down the total cost of ownership of your pumps in an API 676 compliant environment, then get in touch with us here at Pye-Barker, we’ll review your existing operation or plans for your new process and recommend a pumping solution for you. Call our team on 404-363-6000 or drop us a line at

API 676 Pump

Viking's New API 676 Compliant Pump

Viking Pump is proud to announce the availability of the XPD 676 Series and the Universal 682 Series.

Engineered to API 676 Design Standards, the XPD 676 is the Industry’s first fully API 676 Compliant Internal Gear Pump.

Compliance to API 676 specification reduces the risk of emissions, leakage, corrosion and unplanned down time. Viking has 3 levels of API compliance through the following Pump Options:


The XPD 676 solution includes both mandatory and optional operational quality & functional testing. We also have full engineering documentation, testing and project management support available.


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