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Wastewater Gardner Denver Blowers
by admin
November 15, 2019

Gardner Denver Blowers in GA: The Best Option for Your Water and Wastewater Applications

Gardner Denver appreciates the complex challenges and requirements of the water and wastewater industries and offers a distinctive range of bare blowers and blower packages that are recognized for their low maintenance and excellent performance. Following is more information regarding these Garner Denver blowers in GA.

Wastewater Industry Processes

Channel Aeration: During this process, the air is propelled into tanks that contain the wastewater, creating bubbles that elevate the level of dissolved oxygen. This oxygen encourages the growth of bacteria that helps eliminate the phosphates in the water.

Grit Aeration: A spiral flow is created when air is blown into the water. When this is done, elements of a certain size plunge to the bottom of the chamber and are removed while the wastewater moves onto the next process.

Sludge Digestion: This process does not use oxygen. Instead, it turns organic material into gases, which can then be sold or used as an energy source. It is the most widely used process for larger sized plants.

Aerobic Digestion: This process – which utilizes oxidizing and decomposing organic material using oxygen - helps reduce volume and mass, as well as any harmful microorganisms. It is the most widely used wastewater handling process for smaller sized plants.

Backwash: In this process, air is used to enlarge the filter bed, breaking up compacted material. Clean backwash water is then pumped in, suspending the loose particles, which are then lifted into troughs and transported away.

Gardner Denver Blowers In GA: The Complete Package

Gardner Denver has more blower package options and technology designs than any other provider to deliver tailored options including:

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Smart Design
  • Inverter Duty Motors for VFD Capabilities
  • Compact Installation
  • Enclosed or Unenclosed Available
  • Quiet Operation
  • Enclosed or Unenclosed Available

They also provide reliable monitoring that includes:

  • Can be process- or timer-operated;
  • AirSmart controls available on the IQ and IQ-HE
  • Communication with various plant control systems
  • Reduces downtime for maintenance
  • Allows distribution of operating hours

3 Stages of Protection from Gardner Denver Blowers in GA

  1. Monitors all functions.
  2. Sends notice if an abnormal event occurs.
  3. Takes action by shutting down the system and notifying the operator if a critical threshold is penetrated.

Saving Money with Gardner Denver Blowers in GA

Maintenance: Save BIG with best-in-class energy efficiency
Investment: Lower your bottom line, increase your profits
Energy: energy consumption is typically the largest cost of ownership

For more detailed information regarding Gardner Denver blowers in GA and to get professional advice on choosing the right type to suit your needs, please call our office today to speak with one of our experts.

Keep in mind that we specialize in a variety of advisory and installation services, all designed to help you get the most out of your equipment.

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